How to Choose Best Lightning Detector


Every year many lives are lost due to lightning hazards. Lightning is unstoppable, but some advanced planning can mitigate risks caused due to lightning. With modern technology, it’s now possible to predict lightning, and lightning detectors can be a lifesaver. A lighting detector will act as a warning system and alert you to shut down … Read more

Warranty Information of Top Weather Station Brands

Irritrol CL-100-Wireless Climate Logic Weather

When you are purchasing a weather station, you must know that these instruments come with warranty periods to assure that your investment on the particular device is safe. Not all the weather station manufacturers offer the warranty. Some brands provide more extended periods whereas some very less. So it’s essential for you to make sure … Read more

Weather Station Mounting Solutions

Weather Station Installation

Every professional weather station comes with an outdoor sensor suit, which is necessary to be mounted outdoors. Installation is the vital aspect of a weather station to maintain accuracy, so the sensor should also be installed at the correct position. There are various mounting options, and users often get confused about which location to select. … Read more

Factors to Consider and Common Mistakes When Buying a Weather Station

Weather Station Maintenance

A weather station is usually required for getting information on the current weather situations of a particular location or in forecasting the future weather conditions. It is vital for the weather station to be appropriate to provide the exact circumstances. A good weather station provides you with the most accurate data and forecast. If the … Read more

Things to Keep in Mind When Installing a Weather Station

Installing a Weather Station

Installing a weather station can be a big challenge for many users. It is imperative to fix the system in the right way to maintain accuracy. Many new weather station buyers are sometimes concerned about the quick and easy way of installing it. Most of the weather stations come straight-forward and don’t need much knowledge … Read more

Disastrous Weather Phenomena and Safety Tips

Severe winter

Weather is a very unpredictable element; it can change in a matter of seconds. Though these days one can predict weather conditions with the help of science and technology, but until today no invention has been made that can stop any disaster or destruction caused by the weather or nature. Many disastrous weather phenomena can … Read more