Top 10 Best Mobile Weather App

best mobile weather appNowadays, with the increasing demands of a Smartphone, so many applications are coming up. Having weather predicted in a palm-sized device may seem magical, but yes, now in this modern world you can predict what nature is bringing up next.

These days one can just know the full future detail of the weather that can change in seconds, by only one click. Numerous such so-called mobile applications have been designed to fulfill these needs. With these apps, one can merely stay updated to the current and future weather conditions, which can be very helpful when making any plan. Here are the top 10 such apps that you can download on your Smartphone to have the best weather experience.

1. Weather Underground

Weather Underground is the most accurate weather app that provides hyper-local weather forecast included with severe weather alerts, interactive radar and satellite maps. This weather app is powered by the unique weather enthusiasts giving live data reports from their backyard weather stations, and the forecast is generated through this crowd-sourced data, for any of the users’ precise location.

The weather severity alerts make it an essential app during severe weather conditions. The special Wundermap offers various features like animated radar, satellite tracking of storm, hurricanes, and wildfires.


  • Reports weather data according to the given Zip code, for maximum accuracy
  • Provides information about weather hazards and also health hazards such as flu, pollen data, and UV risk


  • Radar data can be slow without a Wi-Fi connection
    Lots of pop up ads
  • Sifting through all the information can be difficult

2. AccuWeather

AccuWeather is one of the first weather apps. It is very accurate and has various impressive features. This weather app can provide minute-by-minute weather forecast and the hyper-localized forecast with street and address. With AccuWeather, one can experience the superior-accuracy of weather conditions. The best part of this weather app is that it provides a ‘Real feel’ index, which lets the user know how it will feel at the outdoor temperature at that particular time.


  • Backgrounds mimic the current sky condition
  • You can get an overview of many cities at the top of the screen
  • Map with radar
  • Loaded with graphs and also a video of the weather forecast


  • Might take longer loading time
  • Ads can be irritating
  • Some can get confused when scrolling out of some menus

3. The Weather Channel

This weather app is a classic one and straightforward to use. With many wonderful features, it has a smooth appearance and provides up-to-date and accurate information. The Weather Channel includes many special features like hourly, 36 hours or 10-day forecast options, variable weather conditions, humidity, heat index and much more. You can also get information about ski slope, flu, and pollen data. This app also has an interface with a weather-related section of videos, which allows the user to view various clips from around the world. With accurate information, it also provides entertainment.


  • Allows the user to get information on multiple cities
  • Provides a list of airport conditions around the location
  • Real-time updates


  • One can get confused the ads as part of the app
  • Many videos are not worth your time
  • Not so good for emergency purpose

4. Yahoo Weather

If you are looking for a weather application which is the easiest to use and the most beautiful one, then Yahoo weather is the best for you. It offers many unusual features like ever-changing backgrounds that have been especially loaded from flicker, daily notifications and every morning greeting of sunrise, a picture of your location and it can provide the necessary weather forecast, which is well defined and easy to understand.


  • Different widget sizes
  • Includes images of the particular area
  • Easily understandable
  • Can swipe easily between various locations


  • Doesn’t provide information on the ski slope or pollen data and flu
  • Ads can be confusing
  • Sometimes encounters location precision issue
  • Doesn’t allow horizontal scrolling

5. MSN Weather

MSN weather app is brought in by the MSN Corporation to keep the windows users updated with the weather conditions. With this app, you can get the latest weather forecast for an hour, five days and ten days, allowing you to plan the day and days. It provides detailed data for all the weather variables such as wind, humidity, barometric pressure, UV index and much more. Also, it also provides alerts for severe weather conditions. With this app, one can get the report of any desired location. It also offers a more in-depth and detailed temperature, radar observation, satellite maps, radar forecast, cloud cover, and precipitation.


  • Best weather app for Windows Smartphone
  • Can also run on phones with other operating systems
  • Allows saving list of favorite cities for quick search


  • The background is non-transparent
  • Ads often pop up, which can be annoying
  • Doesn’t show health hazards

6. 1Weather

This weather widget forecast radar mobile app is one of the best apps for weather information. It not only provides various weather variable data but it offers fantastic design, graphics, and setup. This app has all the real-time data updates for every location around the world. With the 1Weatger app, you can know the weather condition wherever you go, by just one click and also you can choose any location you desire to know. Additionally, it provides an animated sunrise and sunset feature and lives background.


  • Fully customizable
  • Clean and clear design
  • 12-week precision cast and forecast videos
  • Comes with six widgets with different shapes and sizes
  • A handy location toolbar


  • Sometimes information is repeated time and again.
  • Crashes at times due to bugs

7. Weather from NOAA

Weather from NOAA is an entirely different weather app as this app presents data right from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, unlike other apps and widgets. With this weather app, you can get the most accurate information on the severity of the weather conditions, which includes ocean storms, mainland storms, worldwide animated views from satellites and much more that are collected from NOAA and NASA. If you are planning for trips to places that often encounter severe weathers, then you can consider having this weather app. It is an essential app for those who reside in the areas that are usually struck by harsh weather conditions.


  • Weather data right from NOAA and NASA
  • Most accurate information
  • Quick update and alerts about the severity of the weather
  • Key areas real-time satellite views and news feed


  • Very official look with no much design and backgrounds
  • Provides only important weather conditions
  • Could be confusing

8. WeatherBug

WeatherBug is one of the most featured weather apps. It is significantly designed and interfaced. This app collects data forecast from their weather network, which is the largest around the world and provides an estimate of not only the user’s location and city, but it also provides the forecasts of the neighboring city. Along with the weather forecast, this app also provides severe weather warnings. The developers of this app have incorporated a traffic camera section to let the users share and upload images without the hassle.


  • Lifestyle customizable
  • Different language options


  • Video forecast may not be available for some locations

9. Google Now

Google Now is dominating many apps on Smartphone these days, and people mostly use it for weather forecast and updates. This app notifies the user with many weather updates time-to-time, and it is best for those who are interested only in temperature and the primary weather variables. You can also enquire about the conditions. This app is already integrated into most of the Smartphone, especially those running on Android OS. It has been designed very simple and informative.


  • Easy to use and understand
  • Offers many other options


  • Not a specialized or specific weather app

10. MyRadar

MyRadar is one of best radar app. It is itself a particular weather app. It provides hourly forecast and data of precipitation and wind pressure, consisting of all these in a radar menu. The best thing about this app is it transforms the area of your location on your device to give you a radar view. You can also zoom in and out to look for storm alert. This app allows you to add temperature, cloud info and earthquake warnings on the radar, for example, you can set a temperature radar map in this app if you wish to see the temperature around your country. It also allows the user to save the images of the radar and share it via email, text or social media sites.


  • Provides earthquake alerts
  • Easy to share images of radar
  • Accurate and easy to understand


  • Loading can take time when zooming in
  • Using it offline can form pictures full of glitches


You can easily be confused about which app to download. It is not necessary that you should have a single weather app on your mobile device; you can also have more than one. With the best app, you won’t have to have varieties of apps, as this can only decrease your device’s storage space. Do a quick research and choose the best that can fulfill your weather demands.

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