Best Wifi Thermometers for Your Home or Business

Gone are the days of having to be physically on location to check a thermometer. Would you like it to be a bit warmer without having to get off the sofa? Do you want to check the temperature in your child’s room? Do you need to know the conditions at your office? 

A wifi thermometer is the perfect way to check on temperatures, change them, and perform a variety of other tasks to control the climate of a room from a distance, whether that distance is across town or simply the other side of the living room. 

While there are some differences in the types of temperature sensors being used, that’s rarely the reason you’ll choose one wifi thermometer over another. Instead, the apps these thermometers have, and the features available on them, are the deciding factors. You’ll want to consider the types of features these apps have available, how intuitive they are for you to use, and of course, evaluate the price point and what each product offering seems worth it to you. 

We’ve taken a close look at some of the best wifi thermometer options on the market and done the legwork for you. While all of these are strong options, the perfect solution for everyone will be different, so we’ll take a look at the strengths and weaknesses and how that may play out for you so you can decide what best fits your needs. 


1. The Govee WiFi Digital Indoor Hygrometer Thermometer

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Strengths of the Govee Hygrometer Thermometer

Do you live somewhere where the humidity changes as the seasons progress? Humidity can play a huge factor in the way a room feels. If you are concerned about the climate in a room, and want to keep a space dry to avoid mold or a bit more humid to fight off a dry cold chill, the strong humidity monitors on this wifi thermometer will be a big plus for you.

The display on the device is sleek and modern in appearance.

The app installs smoothly and has great data that can be displayed on a graph, so it is easily tracked. This makes it easy to monitor how your temperatures have been recently so you can plan ahead.

The pricing on this option is fairly average for the market. It’s a fair bargain considering it’s one of the top rated models. 

Weaknesses of the Govee Hygrometer Thermometer

While the app provides great data, it doesn’t let you sort the data easily. If you want to be able to see data over a specific time period, for example, this app will make that difficult.

This device has a strong bluetooth connection, but some customers have had difficulty making the wifi connect. Others have managed to connect, but have found that connection to be inconsistent. If you have 5Ghz wireless (which many people do), there have been issues connecting. While many other customers connected just fine, there is a frequent enough issue with this that it is worth considering. 


2. The Sensibo Sky Smart Wifi Thermometer

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Strengths Of The Sensibo Sky Smart Wifi Thermometer

This wifi thermometer is so much more than just a temperature gauge. There are many neat features that provide a great deal of convenience on this model, so there’s a lot of appeal. 

First of all, this option allows you to control the temperature using Amazon Alexa or Google Home, which means you can control the temperature with voice command. 

It has a remote control. You can also make adjustments on the app on your mobile device.

You can schedule out what you want the climate to be like over the next seven days. 

If works with many different types of air conditioner units. 

Weaknesses Of The Sensibo Sky Smart Wifi Thermometer

The price point is on the higher end of the market. 

There have been many customers who’ve had particular problems dealing with the Sensibo support team when their units have been difficult or when people have been confused on how to set the system up. It’s worth noting there have been many other customers who’ve said that support was responsive, but the overwhelming number of complaints on this unit are from customers reporting having a difficult time getting the answers they need. 


3. La Crosse Wifi Station

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Strengths Of The La Crosse Wifi Station

This product stands out from others with the display screen on the device. This will either be a large strength or negative, depending on what you’re looking for. Instead of a white, sleek model, this device has a larger readout with large, colored numbers and a lot of information. It tells you the weather outside, inside, the time, and the date. This gives you a more complete look at your overall day, which may be exactly what you’re looking for.

It has a remote control and works with an app, so your other basic functions from a wifi thermometer are covered. 

This is a simple unit on the lower side of the price range for these products.

Weaknesses Of The La Crosse Wifi Station

A common weakness of many wifi thermometers on the market is that you’ll need to connect via 2.4 GHz, not 5GHz, on your wifi. Learning how to set this up properly if the device doesn’t do this automatically for your wifi can be a challenge. 

Many people have reported varying problems getting a hold of the La Crosse support team. If you have difficulties, you’ll have to submit a form instead of calling them, which slows down the customer support process. 


4. Temp Stick Wireless Remote Temperature Sensor

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Strengths Of The Temp Stick Wireless Remote Temperature

This unit comes with a five year warranty, which is generous compared to many other wifi thermometers on the market. 

This device is completely wireless and needs only two AA batteries for a year of energy. 

The app will send you alerts. Do you want to know when the temperature is too high? Too low? When the wifi has disconnected? If your unit is in trouble? You’ll get a text and/or email alert from the app with the data, so you don’t even have to remember to check the device to be updated on any important changes. Worry free monitoring system. 

One of the most interesting things about this particular app is that you can monitor the temperature gradient across a space. So while it may be very warm near your heat source, you can also look at what the temperature is on the other side of the warehouse. Or at home, you can see what the temperature is near the heating unit, and closer to your child’s bed. 

Weaknesses Of The Temp Stick Wireless Remote Temperature

This product has a number of neat features, but it puts them at the higher side of the market on price. 

Many buyers found the unit was less functional after approximately one year of use. While the five year warranty is helpful, you’ll have to discuss your options with support at that time if this happens to you, which can be stressful, especially since this unit is on the higher side of the price range.

You will need to look at the settings to make sure your unit is calibrated upon arrival, as it’s sometimes not correct on its own at the beginning. 


5. SensorPush Wireless Thermometer Sensor And WiFi Gateway

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Strengths Of The SensorPush Wireless Thermometer Sensor And WiFi Gateway

This system offers a lot of information! You can look at complex graphs with a play by play for minute to minute data. If you want as much data as possible, this is a strong option for you.

A lot of products out there offering this level of data are more complex to use, but the SensorPush wireless thermometer sensor is a super easy to use model. 

The app is simple to understand, works with iOS and Android, and has easy monitoring with an alert system. 

The alert system pushes notifications through bluetooth or wifi when used with a wifi gateway. 

The sensor itself is small and easy to put anywhere. 

Weaknesses Of The SensorPush Wireless Thermometer Sensor And WiFi Gateway

You’ll need to purchase both devices if you want to use this as a true wifi thermometer. While the sensor itself has bluetooth capabilities, with notifications that will be pushed to your mobile device through the app when you come within range, you’ll need to buy the wifi gateway to get notifications from further away. The bluetooth sensor transmits over a distance of 325 feet. 

If you need to purchase the sensor and wifi gateway, the price puts this option at the higher end. 

A replacement battery for the sensor is difficult to find and will need to be ordered online. 


6. MOCREO Indoor Wifi Thermometer

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Strengths of the MOCREO Indoor Wifi Thermometer

This device is easy to set up.

It tracks both humidity and temperature.

The app is simple to use, with clear graphs and basic features. It can be sorted by year, month, week, day, and hour so you can take a look at the data over a variety of time periods on an easy to read graph.

When ordered on Amazon, they make it easy to purchase this unit with one hub and one sensor, or to purchase multiple sensors so you can track around your house. 

The sensor is small and white, making it easy to discreetly place around your home or office. 

This product is at a low price point, so it’s one of the more affordable options.

Weaknesses of the MOCREO Indoor Wifi Thermometer

The wifi works on 2.4GHz Wifi, but many people now have 5G. This may be an issue when connecting via wifi over distances. 

When this product does malfunction, it will need to be reset physically in person. So if you are having difficulty with the wifi connection being over 2.4GHz, you’ll need to be available in person to reset it. 

The app is simple and easy to use, but doesn’t have as many features as some of the othe products available. It does give you alerts, graphs, and simple data, so this will be enough for many people’s needs.


7. SwitchBot Wifi Thermometer And Hygrometer Plus Hub

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Strengths of the SwitchBot Wifi Thermometer And Hygrometer

The sensor is small and thin. It can easily fit anywhere, so if you want to monitor a large room or a small space–for example, you want to track the humidity inside a box–this will work well for you.

The sensor alone will send alerts through bluetooth. 

It works well with Alexa, GoogleHome, HomePod, and other home devices, which makes this ideal for setting up a smart home that’s fluid and easy to understand. 

Weaknesses of the SwitchBot Wifi Thermometer And Hygrometer

For this to work with wifi, you’ll need to purchase both the sensor and the hub. This product is still in the midrange price wise when you purchase both the hub and sensor. The cost for the sensor itself is on the low side, so if you want to purchase multiple sensors, this may be a strength, price wise. The product page can be misleading about the fact that to use this as a true wifi thermometer, you need to purchase the hub as well. 

After connecting the hub and the meter, there is a learning curve to understanding how the app works. There are times when you would expect there to be a button at the bottom of the screen to move on to the next step, and the button is at the top of the screen instead. You’ll need to watch the screen carefully to learn where they’ve placed these buttons and learn how to use the app to its full capabilities. 

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