Davis Weather Station Review – High Quality and Expensive


Davis Weather Station Davis has been the leader of weather instruments for 50 long years. In their early days, they offered only 13 products, but now they are the manufacturer of hundreds. Davis provides simple solutions for everyday problems. Hobbyists to small or large organizations, many depend on a Davis weather station for planning their … Read more

Davis Instruments Vantage Pro2 (Cabled) Review

  The Vantage Pro2 Cabled weather station is one of the most accurate weather stations available. With bird spikes and grip grooves, this weather station has a versatile combination of rain gauge, hygrometer and temperature sensors all packed in one unit, which makes this weather station very easy to install. The sensors have standard radiation … Read more

Davis Instruments Vantage Pro2 (Wireless) Review

The Davis Instruments Vantage Pro2 wireless weather station is one of the most reliable and versatile models out there. While it is easy to install, it is also highly accurate. Backed by the reputable Davis Instruments name, this unit comes with a superior quality integrated sensor suit that keeps track of temperature, humidity, rainfall, wind … Read more

Davis Instruments 6250 Vantage Vue Review

Davis Instruments is one of the most reputable names in the industry, and their 6250 Vantage Vue certainly lives up to that name. Like most wireless weather stations, installing the 6250 Vantage Vue is fairly simple. It comes with a single LCD console, a particularly rugged outdoor sensor array, and a hardware mounting kit: everything … Read more