Davis Instruments Vantage Pro2 (Cabled) Review


The Vantage Pro2 Cabled weather station is one of the most accurate weather stations available. With bird spikes and grip grooves, this weather station has a versatile combination of rain gauge, hygrometer and temperature sensors all packed in one unit, which makes this weather station very easy to install. The sensors have standard radiation shields that provide improved and more accurate reports as well as forecast. The cabled Vantage Pro 2 weather station comes with a console, integrated sensor suit, AC adapter, and mounting hardware. Some specializing options are also available that can be added by the user depending on the purpose.


The console and the integrated sensor suit of this weather station have very many features, which makes it a very convincingly high-quality weather station that anyone would desire;

Integrated sensor suit

  • The whore sensor suit unit is connected by a 100 ft long cable and has maximum transmission ranging 1000 ft.
  • The sensor suit consists of the weather sensors, thermometer, hygrometer, rain gauge and anemometer with a 12-meter long cable.
  • The temperature and humidity sensors are housed in a standard radiation shield that protects the sensors from excess and unnecessary radiations and heat, which provides more accurate reports and forecast.
  • It also consists of a solar panel through which the unit runs.


  • The dimension of display of the console is 5.94 inches by 3.375 inches, with an easy-to-use keypad that has various weather forecast icons.
  • It displays date, time, sunset and sunrise time and various moon phases.
  • Various weather variables like temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction, barometric pressure and rainfall are updated in every 2.5 seconds. The data archive of previous days and even months can also be viewed to compare and conduct a graphical analysis of the weather conditions.
  • Other weather conditions like solar or UV radiation, evapotranspiration, heat index, dew point and much more along with graphs of barometric pressure comparison can also be viewed.
  • The console also includes an indoor thermometer, hygrometer, and barometer, which provide indoor temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure.
  • One can also add the WeatherLink data logger and Virtual weather station internet version to the console that allows connection of the weather station to the PC or the internet and one can also connect to the Weather exchange website.
  • The console can be charged by an AC adapter that comes along with the weather station unit.


The Vantage Pro 2 cable weather station is a unique cabled weather station due to its weather data logging compatibility. The virtual weather station is one of the most popular applications that enable the weather station to connect to the internet and one can log in to the free weather exchange website, which is the largest social networking site for the weather station owners. One can enjoy all the various trends through this feature. As the unit is cabled, the transmission signals don’t miss out even in the most extreme weather conditions, and it also enhances the accuracy of the reports and forecast provided by the weather station. The cover of the unit is durable, and this weather station can resist the harshest weather conditions.


The Vantage Pro 2 cabled weather station is a high-quality weather station, but it also has some limitations; the wired design makes the mounting of the weather station a little difficult and time consuming as the cable needs to be fixed and mounted to the wall correctly else that can create a mess. If the sensors are not placed correctly, the weather station would not be able to provide an accurate report. For connecting the console to the websites and for weather exchange, internet connection is a must; without the internet connection, one cannot post any live data. Due to its high-quality features, this weather station is a little more expensive than the other cabled weather stations, and the price might not match with the budget estimation of some buyers.


With all the high-quality features and tremendous resistance to extreme weather conditions, the Vantage Pro 2 cabled weather station is one of the most popular, very reliable and accurate weather stations available. Along with being updated with the current weather conditions, one can also enjoy the various trends that this weather station provides. For a high budget purchase, this weather station is a very wise choice.

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  1. I am looking for a weather station for an industrial environment. We are interested in recording Temperature, Barometric pressure, and Humidity. We will need to interface this unit with our PC to record and store this data for possible one year or more. Internet is not an option. The base station or read out recorder will be placed in an office with a sensor probe/station ran with cables, not wireless, at least one hundred feet away, maybe more.


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