9 Beautiful Storm Glass Options That Are the Perfect Weather-Lover’s Gift

Buying presents can be difficult. You want to find the right combination of beautiful and unique that complements personality and interests. You also need a gift that will stay in your budget. If you have friends and family who love the weather, there is a perfect gift option for them: storm glass.



9 Beautiful Storm Glass Options That Are the Perfect Weather-Lover’s Gift

1. 3D Home Transparent Waterdrop Storm Predictor 


With a gorgeous water drop design, this storm predictor uses a curved design and sits on a wooden base. Not only will the crystals inside the glass water drop predict the temperature, but a scale and temperature gauge can tell you even more information about the weather.

This makes a fantastic gift for anyone who loves the weather and clean designs. Its simplicity will allow it to fit in with any decor. Be aware that the storm predictor may need a couple of weeks to become adjusted to the atmosphere around it.


2. Unique Gadgets and Toys Glass Weather Station

Give a gift that’s useful, mysterious, and unique with this spherical weather station. This small sphere sits on a three-prong wooden base, giving it the appearance of a crystal ball that a fortune teller might use. The wooden stand has a built-in LED light with a switch and a USB power cord.

The liquid inside will change from clear to cloudy to forming crystals depending upon the weather coming up outside. It is 4.75” deep x 6” tall. You should not place this in direct sunlight or heat.


3. Aolvo Globe Crystal


This gorgeous gift sits on a beautiful wood stand at an angle, making it look elegant and scientific. The storm crystal is shaped like a globe with a drop-like piece at the top of the sphere. The most beautiful part of this weather predictor is the elegant red and green flower that sits inside the globe. The fluid sits outside of the flower and forms crystals around the flower as the weather changes.


4. Coaste Unique Weather Forecaster

This crystal weather forecaster uses an exquisite design that will fit any home, especially modern, chic, and elegant themes. This storm crystal uses a diamond shape and sits in a wooden base. Inside the crystal, fluid will change forms with the weather.

These storm predictors have been around since the 18th century. This is a great design that combines the antique and modern style to create a beautiful piece that works in the office, bedroom, or anywhere else in the home.


5. CAVEEN Storm Glass

This Caveen storm predictor is an all-glass design that makes it fit with any color theme. Similar to our other globe design, this weather glass is made with strong, durable glass to create this beautiful piece. It makes a great gift for both kids and adults alike. It even comes with a two-year replacement warranty. It comes in a gorgeous gift box with protective shipping material to keep it safe even over long distances.


6. Esschert Design Weather Glass

Do you have an outdoorsy friend or family member who also loves the weather? This Esschert Design weather glass may be perfect for them. With a unique design and a strong blue color, predicting the weather has never been so beautiful. This piece also hangs in an iron filigree holder for a fantastic antique look.

Because of the outdoor style, this thunder glass can be placed anywhere indoors or outdoors. Its dimensions are 5.421 inches by 4.68 inches by 10.803 inches. This functioning antique barometer will look stunning anywhere you put it.


7. Lily’s Home Desktop Weather Station


This weather station has both a weather glass and a Galileo thermometer with 5 multi-colored spheres. Two long cylinders stand side by side inside a wooden frame with a stylish design. One cylinder has the fluid which will range from clear to crystallized. The other has multi-colored spheres that drop and float, depending on temperature.

It can predict the weather one or two days in advance without any external methods. You can place this outstanding piece anywhere in your home, and it makes a great option for an office or entryway decor piece.


8. Womdee Weather Predicting Glass


This small predicting glass makes the perfect present for bird and weather lovers alike. This glass weather station is shaped like a small bird. It is small and convenient: around 5.31 by 3.35 by 3.35 inches. It could also make a great unique paperweight for anyone with a desk or work table.

These glass birds make a great decor piece with an added usefulness. You can watch the crystals form inside the bird to predict what the weather will be like in the following days. It’s best to place it near a window or on a windowsill out of the direct sun.


9. XIFOTE Shift Storm Glass Necklace

If you are looking for an especially unusual weather glass gift, look no further than this beautiful glass necklace. It is made with environmentally friendly material, and this glass bauble is filled with a fluid that changes with the weather. The oval glass bauble attaches to the necklace with a four-leaf clover charm. The necklace is also adjustable but measures around 15 inches in length at the largest. Your loved one will feel like a magician with this necklace, able to predict the weather on the go no matter where they go.


A weather glass can make any room feel magical. Each of these weather glass options will look stunning and makes a great gift for your friends and family. You can even buy one for yourself to start building your own weather station at home. For more information about weather stations and other great gift ideas, visit the Weather Station Expert today and learn everything you need to know.


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