Anemometer Buying Guide

What Does an Anemometer Measure and How Does It Work When you are in a specific situation and you need to gauge the speed & direction of the wind, this is going to be your number 1 instrument.  Whether your situation involves controlling pollution, accounting for the safety of tall structures, controlling of wind turbines, … Read more

Typical Weather Patterns in North America, Negative Effects on Health and Ways to Prevent


North American weather varies widely and entirely dramatic. It is because of the prevailing weather patterns that influence the climatic conditions of the landscape. North America has everything from Arctic cold to Equatorial heat. These weather patterns create climatic changes like tornadoes, storms, monsoon abnormalities, warmer climate, extremely cold climates and much more. These typical … Read more

Things to Keep in Mind When Installing a Weather Station

Installing a Weather Station

Installing a weather station can be a big challenge for many users. It is imperative to fix the system in the right way to maintain accuracy. Many new weather station buyers are sometimes concerned about the quick and easy way of installing it. Most of the weather stations come straight-forward and don’t need much knowledge … Read more

Disastrous Weather Phenomena and Safety Tips

Severe winter

Weather is a very unpredictable element; it can change in a matter of seconds. Though these days one can predict weather conditions with the help of science and technology, but until today no invention has been made that can stop any disaster or destruction caused by the weather or nature. Many disastrous weather phenomena can … Read more