Choose a Most Suitable Weather Station for Your Intended Use

A weather station is a complex unit. It consists of numerous instruments necessary for measuring the weather variables. Weather stations not only come in different shapes and sizes, but they also come with varieties of features designed for various purposes. When selecting a weather station, it’s essential to consider the purpose that you need a … Read more

Window Thermometer Buying Guide

As you are here, now I know that either you are interested in learning more about window thermometers or you may be looking forward to buy one. A window thermometer is just like a normal thermometer that provides the temperature of your surrounding, but only with a design particularly built for attaching to a window. … Read more

How to Choose Best Lightning Detector


Every year many lives are lost due to lightning hazards. Lightning is unstoppable, but some advanced planning can mitigate risks caused due to lightning. With modern technology, it’s now possible to predict lightning, and lightning detectors can be a lifesaver. A lighting detector will act as a warning system and alert you to shut down … Read more

Ultimate Guide for Purchasing the Weather Station


There are some very important factors one must take into consideration before purchasing a weather station. These amazing devices come with a wide variety of features and capabilities, so you need to know the basics before spending your hard-earned money! Weather Station Type There are basically two types of weather stations: the wired kind and … Read more