AcuRite 02064 5-in-1 Weather Station

With the advancing technologies, you can now predict the weather with 70% accuracy. Weather station devices provide more accurate data in terms of the current climate and if there are storms expected to hit the area. Let’s review the AcuRite 02064 5-in-1 Color Station with Weather Ticker and Future Forecast to find out if it’s … Read more

Ambient Weather WS 2902A Smart WiFi Weather Station

The Ambient Weather WS 2902 now makes data monitoring across multiple platforms more efficient. This popular weather station comes equipped with Remote Monitoring and Alerts, which provides data in real-time. As a result, you can monitor weather-related information from moment to moment through animated, expansive modules. How the Ambient Weather ws 2902 Works The Ambient … Read more

What Is A Weather Predicting Storm Glass?

First introduced during the 18th century by Admiral Robert FitzRoy, a storm glass is designed to predict the weather while also serving as a decorative piece. It consists of a sealed glass vessel that contains a chemical mixture. As weather conditions change, the mixture within crystallizes and takes new form. This process is interesting to … Read more

Choose a Most Suitable Weather Station for Your Intended Use

A weather station is a complex unit. It consists of numerous instruments necessary for measuring the weather variables. Weather stations not only come in different shapes and sizes, but they also come with varieties of features designed for various purposes. When selecting a weather station, it’s essential to consider the purpose that you need a … Read more

Best AcuRite Humidity Monitor Review

​Every time it rains, indoor air tends to feel moist. The moisture that builds up in the air results in humidity. It is what I’ve observed at home when the weather is not good. As a result, mildew and molds form in moist areas inside the house. My kids and I get asthma and other … Read more

ThermoPro TP65 Digital Wireless Hygrometer Indoor Outdoor Thermometer

​Have you tried using an analog hygrometer to measure humidity levels in your home? I used this device and didn’t get accurate results whenever I monitor room temperature. It was a tumultuous experience as I have fluctuating levels of humidity inside the house which make me feel uncomfortable every time. So I’m looking for another … Read more

What to Wear in 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 Weather

With the seasons constantly changing, it’s important to know what type of clothes to wear for various weather conditions. Whether it’s cold or warm out, you need a wardrobe that going to keep you comfy at all times! So, do you know what to wear in 30-40 degree weather? How about 80 degrees? Dealing with … Read more