Ambient Weather WS 2902A Smart WiFi Weather Station

The Ambient Weather WS 2902 now makes data monitoring across multiple platforms more efficient. This popular weather station comes equipped with Remote Monitoring and Alerts, which provides data in real-time. As a result, you can monitor weather-related information from moment to moment through animated, expansive modules.

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How the Ambient Weather ws 2902 Works

The Ambient Weather WS 2902 provides users with the best monitoring features for its price tier. Checking home weather conditions through this weather station’s brilliant LCD colored display has never been easier. Furthermore, information is transmitted through its enhanced WiFi connection. This allows users to transmit real-time data to a number of popular online weather station networks.

Additionally, personalized weather data can conveniently be viewed through any mobile device. There are ten weather sensors that measure indoor and outdoor conditions with precision. These conditions include rainfall, humidity, wind direction and speed, solar radiation, UV, temperatures, the heat index, wind chill, dew point, and barometric pressure.

What Are the Features?

With sensors that transmit data over radio frequency as well as over WiFi, this weather station has superior flexibility. You can connect seamlessly from any location throughout the world wide web! Below are the best features of this weather station:

  • 16-second real-time updates on wind speed via the console.
  • NIST time sync from an online connection.
  • All metric parameters calibration.
  • Encrypted two-way communication via WiFi internet.
  • Metric units of measurement supported.
  • Colored film LCD monitor.
  • Off/Low/High back-light control.
  • Calendar function.

After connecting, this model will stream weather information in real time. This makes it easy to monitor local weather conditions remotely. It is also popular among people who travel often or have multiple homes. Other vital details include weather alerts and historical weather data. They too integrate with desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Specifications and Console Power

Included in the console is a 5 volt DC adaptor with a power consumption of 0.5 watts, but it can consume up to 1.25 watts when using WiFi connection. The unit requires three AAA backup batteries to function correctly.

To sync with the AmbientTool app, you must pair this weather station with an iPad, iPhone, or any Android phone. Users can download the app from Google Play or the Apple App Store. Under most weather conditions, the line of sight is up to 330 feet in open air.

NOTE* When I tried the console, one thing I quickly noticed was the energy-saving advantage compared to other weather stations on the market today. The app was also very easy to navigate; I was able to familiarize myself with it in no time.

How to Connect to the Ambient Station Network

Connecting the WS 2902 to the Ambient Station Network provides users with a personal weather server. It can be enjoyed privately or shared with family and friends, wherever and whenever. Moreover, the Ambient Station Network is designed with a user-friendly system to monitor information across a multitude of devices.

To connect, simply go to There, you will find a user-friendly interface and an animated expandable module.

Here are the features of the Ambient Weather Network:

  • It has a responsive web design optimized for mobile devices as well as desktop and laptop computers. No need to download apps as you can monitor data via any web browser.
  • Monitor local weather conditions remotely.
  • Text and email alerts supported.
  • Password protection to ensure the privacy of personal information.
  • Export data reports in CSV format for advanced analysis,
  • Extensive daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly graphing.
  • Control external devices, including switches, sprinklers, and blinds, with IFTTT integration.
  • Usable with Amazon Alexa and real-time APIs.

The Ambient network also supports text reports, graphs, gauges, and dials for all monitoring parameters.

Another network that the WS 2902 can connect to is Weather Underground, which unlocks even more features. At Weather Underground, you can share, compare, and analyze information from other weather stations with the network. The best part is that Weather Underground is completely free!

The Osprey Sensor

The Osprey sensor is the main component that connects to popular the weather station networks, as mentioned above in the Weather Underground example., which is another data sharing website, is another example. Through the WeatherBug app, owners of this weather station can connect with other weather enthusiasts and share weather tracking information. Last but not least, the Osprey sensor can integrate with, which is designed to help users manage their devices in a fun way.

Components of the Osprey Sensory Array:

  • rain gauge
  • wind speed cup
  • solar collector
  • bubble level
  • solar/UV light
  • wind vane
  • thermo-hygrometer

The solar panel is the primary power source for the Osprey and charges the supercapacitor at the same time as the battery. Additional AAA batteries can used to get backup power when there is a low supply of solar light. Finally, the sensor is mounted to poles that are 1 to 2 inches in diameter.


In terms of getting the best weather station features for your money, the Ambient Weather WS 2902 is first on the list. As an all-in-one real-time monitoring solution, it serves a wide range of needs from checking general weather information to analyzing local weather patterns.

In addition, the LCD colored display is super easy to view, even from a distance. With seamless WiFi integration, this weather station can instantly transmit information wirelessly to the most popular weather station networks in the world. I therefore highly recommend the Ambient Weather WS 2902 Smart WiFi Weather Station with Remote Monitoring and Alerts if you are looking for the biggest bang for your buck.

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  1. WS-2902. I have had one of these units now for about 18 months. It has been slowly failing and now will not communicate at all with the console unit. Ambient has been contacted and all trouble shooting they recommend has been performed. Ambient Customer Service ( Anthony) advises that the unit is out of warranty, is not repairable and that no parts are available. Their solution is to buy a new unit and throw the old one out……all at my expense of course.

    Bottom line: STAY AWAY FROM AMBIENT….or you will be like me, sadder and poorer. 🙁


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