La Crosse Technology S88907 review

La Crosse Technology brings you the most affordable and reliable wireless weather station available in the competition. It’s a weather unit with advanced real-time backyard weather. It provides you not only the basic weather data but also offers an animated color forecast.


La Crosse Technology S88907 is recommended for home use. This device is best for those who are looking for a low budget weather station that includes all necessary features including forecasting. It’s not very much recommended for professionals or meteorological purpose but works well for personal use.

Connection and Transmission Distance

This weather device is a wireless unit and doesn’t require any cable connection. It comes with a wireless remote sensor and an all-in-one color display. The sensor wirelessly transmits the data to the screen, in which you can virtually view the readings.

Transmission distance of La Crosse Technology S88907 is 300ft. Its display can receive data from the suit even if it’s 300 ft. away. However, it depends on the construction material of your home. The remote sensor must be installed in your backyard, from which it will transmit real-time weather data.

Power Source

The sensor system of La Crosse Technology S88907 runs on 2 AA alkaline batteries, and its estimated battery life is one year over batteries manufactured by reputed brands. The display primarily works on 5.0V AC adapter, and for backup, it needs 3 AAA alkaline batteries. Expected battery life of its screen is three years when used with AC adapter. If the temperature is likely to be below -29°C then lithium batteries are highly recommended for the remote sensor.

Data Offered

La Crosse Technology S88907 comes with an integrated sensor system that consists of thermometer and hygrometer for measuring weather variables. The display also has indoor temperature and humidity sensors for indoor data. Data provided by this instrument are given below;

  • Perpetual calendar and 12 or 24-hour atomic time. Furthermore, programmable time alarm.
  • Animated forecast and forecast tendency indicator.
  • Outdoor and indoor temperature and humidity.
  • Indoor comfortable level measured by calculating relative humidity. In this, it displays if the condition is dry, too dry, too wet or okay.
  • Battery Alert for both sensor and display, and also signal strength.
  • The heat index, dew point and alerts for high and low.

Other Features

Update frequency of La Crosse Technology S88907 is considerable. Its temperature and humidity sensors update data in every 30 seconds.

The accuracy of forecast provided by this device is 70% to 75% percent.

The range of data for indoor and outdoor temperature is 0°C to 50°C and -40°C to 60°C respectively. For humidity, its range is 1% to 99% regarding relative humidity.

WWVB self-setting feature automatically sets the time and date with automatic daylight time updates.

Cost and Warranty

La Crosse Technology S88907 is one of the best selling weather stations due to its exceptional price and performance. This unit costs very low. If you have a meager budget, then this is your ideal choice.

La Crosse Technology provides a 1-year limited warranty with this unit, from the date of purchase. You won’t have to worry about your investment on this product.


  • It’s a wireless weather station so that the installation can be done soon and quick.
  • This device is the most affordable.
  • The forecasting feature is available in very few units, and La Crosse Technology S88907 is one among them, for such a reasonable amount.


  • Its transmission distance is not as high as other high-end stations.
  • Due to the wireless technology, there may be the signal loss at times.
  • You can’t connect it to other external devices like PC or Smartphone.
  • It doesn’t have sensors for wind and rain so that you will miss some basic weather data like wind speed, wind direction, and rainfall.


La Crosse Technology S88907 may miss some of the basic sensors, but you can’t deny that it has all the features that a personal weather station must have. Its sensor is also quite small in size as compared to other weather forecasting home weather stations. It’s simply an ideal choice for low budget investors.