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We usually use weather stations to understand the weather variables of our location either to plan the day or to stay tuned to the weather conditions and their consequences. A personal weather station is always our first preference as they offer a lot of specifications. These days, new things are being innovated. Everything has become simple and more useful in our daily lives. Netatmo Weather Station is one of the most advanced weather stations that have been designed for home use. It’s simple and easy to use, with cutting-edge features.

Normally, most of us need to spend 80% of our time indoors. A study has shown that indoor air is naturally more polluted than that of outdoors. We often close ourselves in and forget that the gas we breathe out is CO2. We never think that if the room has been closed for so long, then where the breathable air will come. We get so busy with the daily lives that we flow with the time and can’t keep pace with these little things. To overcome this problem, the Netatmo weather station is the best choice.

The Netatmo Weather Station has a CO2 sensor that measures the indoor pollution levels, alerting you about the conditions so that you can let fresh air get into your room whenever required, and live in a healthier surrounding. The indoor module of the weather station gives you the necessary information and keeps you alert also about the noise rate. Whereas, the outdoor module of the Netatmo weather station offers real-time information on the various weather variables right from your doorstep.

The device can be connected to your smartphone, ultimately allowing you to analyze the past readings, observe the present condition and forecast the future, virtually. For real-time tracking of your location, its specially designed app allows you to view the data in a graph form. You can observe the cycles and finally forecast the variations in your environment.

Like other weather stations, Netatmo Weather station also has its own sets of pros and cons. It’s essential to know those before purchasing one.


  • Small Size and Classy: The modules are small in size and don’t take much space, unlike other personal weather stations that require ample space for the console. Both the indoor and outdoor modules are designed sleek and classy and look more like a decor than a device. Its small lamp like structure can profoundly complement the interior of your room. If you need a weather station for home or office, then this is a perfect instrument for you.
  • Easy Use: The Netatmo weather station is quite easy and straightforward to use, with a user-friendly interface. The module can be manually activated and deactivated whenever you desire. You can use it in various ways. To start collecting information, all you need to do is tap the top cover of the device. The weather station will be activated immediately and start sending data to the server.
  • Easy Installation: The indoor module can be placed anywhere, for example, an office desk, home furniture, etc. The outdoor module needs to be mounted at your backyard or outside the window. It can be attached with screws provided by the manufacturer and strapped by the Velcro strip, which also comes with the device. It can be easily mounted, without any need of rooftop or specific elevation.
  • Strong and Sturdy: The Netatmo weather station is designed to last long. As aluminum has been used in manufacturing the device, you need not to fear about its integrity and durability. Also, most of the mechanical parts of the invention are well covered.
  • Exceptional Power Option: The outdoor module works on standard AAA batteries, which is available in any store. You don’t have to worry about recharging the device repetitively due to this feature. And, for the indoor module, you’ll have two options; you can either plug it into an AC power socket or use AAA batteries like the one on the outdoor module. The batteries last according to the use of the device.
  • Excellent Features: Along with the weather condition of your location, you’ll also know about the CO2 rate and noise rate in your room, which proves to very helpful in leading a healthy life. You can access the weather station from anywhere, via the app, as long as you have an internet connection. And, as it uses a Wi-Fi connection, it provides information faster than any other weather station that uses the traditional radio signal.


  • The most important disadvantage of the Netatmo weather station is that the device is not recommended to be directly exposed to sunlight, due to the lack of the protective shield. So, you can’t mount it outdoors, or wherever the device is likely to be exposed to direct sunlight.
  • The Netatmo weather station is limited to only a few weather variables like temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure, so if you are a weather-head and you are more interested in learning about the outdoor conditions and other variables, then this is simply not the equipment that you should go.
  • This type of device is very pricey as compared to other personal and professional weather stations.
  • It can’t provide accurate forecast most of the time. Also, the documentation is not of outstanding quality.

Things to Consider Before Buying Netatmo Weather Station

I have seen many buyers regret their decision of buying a Netatmo weather station. It’s no use regretting later, so before purchasing a Netatmo weather station there are certain points that you must consider;

  • Accuracy: The accuracy of Netatmo is -+3%. Other weather stations have better accuracy than Netatmo, available at the same or even lower rate. Some of you might need a weather station that is more accurate. Go for Netatmo weather station only if you are okay with its liable results.
  • Application: The most critical factor that you should consider is the purpose of the device. You must decide why you need the weather station. Make sure whether you want it for home or professional use. Netatmo is not designed for professional purpose as it offers limited outdoor weather information. It’s more focused on indoor conditions. So, if you need a weather station only for office and home purpose then you can consider purchasing this tool, else there are much high quality and advanced weather stations available.
  • Budget: The budget that you have in mind must also be considered. As mentioned earlier that the cost of Netatmo weather station is quite high as compared to the devices of the same category. With decidedly fewer specifications, the price is comparatively more. So, choose this weather station only if you have that much budget in mind.
  • Additional Accessories: Other additional accessories are available for Netatmo weather station, such as rain gauge, wind sensor and there extra modules that have sensors for other weather variables. If you are a weather-head and have no budget limit, then you can make your weather station complete by purchasing these accessories along. However, it would cost the equivalent of the cost to buy weather stations high-quality and professional.
  • Compatibility: The Netatmo weather station is compatible only with iOS and smart Android devices like phone, tablet, and iPod. The android must be of version 4.0 or more. It works with the app that you can download. Make sure that you have any of the devices before purchasing a Netatmo weather device.

Troubles Encountered

Some of the troubles encountered when using a Netatmo Weather station are as follows;

  • The outdoor data might not be visible sometimes even if the indoor data is shown. This might occur when the battery of the module is low or if the outdoor module is located too far from the indoor module. It also occurs if there is any metal or large obstruction between the two modules.
  • At the beginning of the use, the data provided by the device will be 15% to 20% away from accuracy, and once the system is regularly used, it decreases to 5% to 6%, which is still far from the 3% accuracy.
  • The device doesn’t work if it’s not correctly plugged into the power chord. If the Wi-Fi signal is too low, both the modules won’t be able to transmit any data.
  • The humidity sensor of the Netatmo weather station becomes saturated if the device is exposed to too much high humidity due to rain. It may take a few hours for the equipment to get back to normal if this occurs.
  • Each time you change the password of your Wi-Fi connection, the device will automatically stop sending data until you reset the Wi-Fi setup in the app.
  • When exposed to direct sunlight, the system will work abnormally and show the too high-temperature reading as compared to the original temperature.

Points to Remember

Here are some of the few critical points that you must remember while using the Netatmo weather station;

  • The seven-day weather forecast is created by third-party applications. This feature seems interesting, but it’s not able to provide any accurate data, and also high-quality estimates.
  • Although the maximum transmission distance of the Netatmo weather station is 300 ft, try to install the modules at a distance between 20 ft to 30 ft to avoid missing signals due to obstructions.
  • Don’t place the modules to close to each other as it may also affect its function.
  • Never expose the module to direct sunlight as it will not only provide wrong information but also, the mechanical parts in the module are at risk of getting damage from the heat.
  • If the module falls accidentally, it should be recalibrated immediately.
  • If you are using an additional indoor module, don’t place it too close to the original indoor module; else it may not work properly.
  • Keep the external module deactivated if you don’t need to know the outdoor weather conditions regularly. This way the power requirement will be lower, and the batteries will last longer.
  • If the network is changed in any case, the whole configuration process will have to be repeated. So better use a fixed Wi-Fi network.


Having a Netatmo weather station at your office or home is an ultimate idea. It has all the necessary features that are required in daily life. Especially the CO2 and noise sensor is a great innovation towards a healthy life indoors. The simple design and easy to use interface make it one of the best weather stations available in the competition. With very few limitations, it’s just the perfect weather device you would need if you are more of an indoor person.

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  1. One very important note. If the wifi network looses internet connection, (ie router offline but wifi still on) you won’t see any data. The data you see on the screen is been pulled from the remote server via internet after the sensor uploads it to Netatmo….just a bit silly.


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