Ambient Weather WS-1900A Review

The Ambient Weather WS-1900 weather station is a solar-powered wireless weather station, which is extremely reliable with great accuracy at an affordable price. This weather station has a dual processing technology with an easy-to-install design. Outdoor sensor transmits data of 915 MHz, which is displayed on the screen of the console that also comes along with the unit. This weather station is solar powered, and the outdoor unit depends on solar energy (with AA batteries backup), while the indoor unit runs on an external power supply.


The Ambient Weather WS-1900 wireless station comes with a console, all-in-one outdoor sensor array, that makes the unit complete with many useful features;

Sensor array

  • The maximum transmission of this weather station is 330 ft line of sight and in most conditions, due to walls and obstructed, the line of sight is 100 ft.
  • The outdoor all-in-one unit integrated sensor suit array is wireless and solar powered, which measures Wind Speed and Direction, Rainfall, Temperature, Humidity, Solar Radiation, UV .
  • The indoor measurements available are Temperature, Humidity, Barometric Pressure
  • The indoor temperature ranges from 14°F to 140° F, and the outdoor temperature varies from -40°F to 149°F. Both outdoor humidities range from 10% to 99%.
  • The indoor unit runs on 5V DC input power that can be charged with the 120V charger that comes along with the unit. It consumes the power of 7.5 watts.


  • The console of this weather station has colored TFT LCD screen, and it is significant with display dimensions 6.25 inches by 3.5 inches.
  • Along with weather variables like temperature, humidity, rainfall, UV or solar radiation, wind speed, and directions; the heat index, dew point, and rainfall rate can also be viewed.
  • Date, time, sunrise and sunset time and various moon phases are displayed on the screen of the console.
  • The multi-screen console displays both metric and imperial unit of measurement along with all parameter measurements.
  • Alarms can be set in both high and low tones with good quality and audible alerts.
  • The wind speed and wind directions are updated at an interval of every 16 seconds.
  • It also provides graphs for humidity, temperature, and barometric pressure.
  • The console also displays the minimum and the maximum weather conditions with date and time and achieved data of many days can be viewed. The data can also be exported to the external SD card, which can be used for analysis in excel.
  • The screen of the console is clear, specific and easy to read, with automatic brightness settings that update the brightness of the screen depending on the time of the day. The console is very thin and can be mounted on the wall.


The Ambient Weather WS-1900 wireless doesn’t use any radio or WiFi connectivity to transmit the data to the console, and it has very own technology, which doesn’t lose signals quickly even at the extreme weather conditions. The bubble level installation of the ambient weather station makes the mounting and setup much more comfortable. In case due to low solar power and storage, the external sensor might not work, but the indoor sensor array will keep working, and the console will still display the indoor data.


The Ambient Weather WS-1900 weather station has some limitations as well that one would like to reconsider before purchasing this product. The primary drawback of this weather station is that it doesn’t connect to the PC directly or cannot communicate to the Internet. The data cannot be synchronized with any external website link from the console. The wireless signals from this weather station cannot pass through metal, ground or earth. The durability of this weather station won’t last long if it is used in a salt water environment and also it won’t be able to provide an accurate report if used in that situation. This unit is not resistant to extreme freezing conditions, so it is not recommended for Arctic Circle areas.


The Ambient Weather WS-1900 wireless weather station is very easy to set up, with strong reliability and accuracy. If one is interested only in keeping up-to-date with the weather conditions without the need for other trends, then this unit is a perfect choice, as it has an affordable price with so many good features.

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  1. I am interested in a weather station for my home and am looking at the Ambient Weather WS-1201-SE, which from what I can tell is an upgraded 1200 with the only difference being the supercapacitor. In your review of the WS-1200, you noted “The primary drawback of this weather station is that it doesn’t connect to the PC directly or cannot communicate to the Internet.” The latter phrase got my attention. I believe that it connects to the internet, but there is an intermediate component that communicates wirelessly with the WS and then to the internet via a wired connection. Is that correct? For me, that would be acceptable. Is there a major drawback to not connecting a PC directly? (i.e., can all of the data be downloaded from wunderground and Ambient?) I also learned about a cheaper option, the WS-2902. It has WiFi capability, but apparently the color display is not very good. Do you have any comments on that model? Sorry about so many questions! Thank you.

  2. I have had poor results with my WS-1200-IP weather station. The outdoor sensor array started to malfunction after only 1 year and 9 months of use. The manufacturer refused to warranty the product after 1 year, which is a violation of Maine Consumer Laws, and would not repair the unit. A device like this that is meant to be exposed to the elements year-round should not fail in such a short amount of time. The only option I was offered was for me to purchase a replacement outdoor sensor array. This is extremely poor customer service and I would not suggest that anyone purchase one of these devices. I order to obtain satisfaction, I have been forced to lodge a complaint through the Maine Attorney General’s office.

  3. I have a Weather Station WS-1200 and the receiver just went blank. Can I do something to re-boot it? It is only a couple of years old so there shouldn’t be a problem with the unit and it has been working great up to now.

  4. In the link to this review, it says that the WS-1200 is the best unit to hook up with internet monitoring through Weather Underground, etc. but on this page, the review says that it is not possible to hook into the internet (see disadvantages). What gives??????

  5. I don’t understand how this review says this is the best internet weather station. You stated “The primary drawback of this weather station is that it doesn’t connect to the PC directly or cannot communicate to the Internet. The data cannot be synchronized with any external website link from the console. ” How can you get the real time data through a smart phone or computer if it “cannot communicate to the internet”?

  6. on the TEN page you say that it is best for internet., and titled “Best for internet monitoring – Ambient WS-1200-IP” yet the “Disadvantages list it is not internet nor PC compatible.


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