Best Global Warming Movies You Can Watch Online Streaming

I’m a big weather geek, so in this post I am sharing the best global warming movies that you can watch online. You can watch them easily through live streaming on Amazon. Below are my top choices and a bit of information about each of them.

Before the Flood

This documentary directed by Fisher Stevens features Leonardo DiCaprio was released on October 21, 2016 in the US. The movie shows how climate change dramatically changes the world. And you don’t have to go far to see and feel the difference and haunts of changing climate.

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio uses his clout and meets with scientists, activists, and world leaders. He discusses with them that include former presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama and former US State Secretary John Kerry the dangers of climate change and finds possible solutions.

In this 1h and 36 minutes length documentary film, the actor hopes that this will inspire climate action.

This Leonardo DiCaprio global warming movie shed light on other real issues, and anyone who watches it will somehow realize the grave danger this world is facing now. It also shares examples of simple changes everyone can make to have effective change.

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An Inconvenient Truth

This documentary shows how global warming affects our lives and our inaction. Former US Vice President Al Gore shares his knowledge of the big problem in our time and his commitment to reverse the impact of global climate change. Filmmaker and Director Davis Guggenheim weave his cinematic ingenuity by following the former presidential candidate on the later’s lectures that raise public awareness of global warming dangers and what people need to do to curb the destruction of the environment.

Though the 1h and 58 minutes documentary mix science, politics, social implications of climate change in its presentation, it’s an excellent movie to watch. A must see for anyone who loves the Earth and the environment he or she lives.

Furthermore, Al Gore produces a follow-up to his award-winning 2006 documentary. Watch the official trailer the “An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth To Power (2017)” from Paramount Pictures.

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The Age of Stupid

This low-budget but creatively directed documentary movie is showcasing how people continue sitting and staring while Earth burns. The 2009 British documentary film is an eye-opener for humankind’s stupidity that rage from generation to generation. The lead actor, Pete Postlethwaite, plays the last guy alive in a post-apocalyptic, climate-fried world, shares what people have done to destruct the Earth through news clips and interviews which taken from the first decade of the 21st century. It shows us the wrath of Nature on vengeance.

Though this 1h and 32 minutes do not have more focus and weight compared to Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth, it still rings the bell on the truth that we continue ignoring the environmental warning signs. And this will inspire us to take action to stop the degradation of the environment.

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The 11th Hour

The 1h 35m drama documentary is another Leonardo DiCaprio global warming movie which released in the US on August 17, 2007.

In this, the Academy Award-winning actor presents more than 50 of the world’s leading thinkers, leaders, and scientists of our time. He shares insights and revelations from the English theoretical physicist, cosmologist, and author Stephen William Hawking to American environmentalist, entrepreneur, author, and activist Paul Gerard Hawken, to former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev to Nobel Prize winner Wangari Maathai, and much more.

These specialists reveal how our actions dramatically destruct the Earth’s ecosystem and share practical solutions to restore it or if not stop the damage and save the planet from further destruction.

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I hope you will enjoy and learn great lessons watching these movies about global warming – let me know what your favorites are in the comments below.

1 thought on “Best Global Warming Movies You Can Watch Online Streaming”

  1. It’s interesting that you’ve chosen only movies which present an “alarmist” view point, most of which are not based on available current data. For example, presumably you are quite aware of the flaws in “An Inconvenient Truth” by the non-scientist Al Gore. Beyond the numerous flaws (so many in fact that it was banned in England until certain (10) unsupported claims were deleted), it’s important to note that the majority of Al’s claims have either not materialized or simply were proven wrong.
    “Before the Flood” featuring actor and alarmist Leonardo DiCaprio is every bit as outrageous and totally lacks scientific credibility. Even the “tampered with” data from such agencies as NASA and NOAA support few, if any claims made in the movie. As one example, actual data (check it out) shows that worldwide storms are not increasing in either frequency or intensity. As there has been no statistically significant increase in global temperature for 20 years, beating that old drum is definitely not informative and therefore beyond useless. In fact, the “claimed” records suggest that there has been only 0.8 degrees C warming in the last 130 years (as if anyone actually knows), an amount less than you would experience in rising from a squatting to a standing position in a room in your home and therefore would not be noticeable.
    In an attempt to ratchet up the “alarmist” position, “An Inconvenient Squeal” succeeds only in introducing further exaggerations and unfounded claims. Evident is Gore’s lack of understanding of feedbacks, our inability to determine how much warming is natural, false claims that recent warming in unprecedented, and so forth.
    Although I’ve not seen them all, I would guess that the others in your list also pound away on the misconception of catastrophic anthropogenic global warming, which you apparent favor.
    Perhaps you need to delve further into the actual data and scientific research before expounding further on “global warming” movies to see.


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