Best Indoor/Outdoor Thermometers 2016’s Reviews

People these days generally use their Smartphone to stay tuned to the temperature. The smartphone is a convenient device but unfortunately, it's not the most accurate. To know the exact temperature around your surroundings, it's best to get a temperature sensing device and install it in your home. There are many such systems available at the market, which offer accurate information. An indoor outdoor thermometer is an ideal choice if you wish to know the outside temperature as well so that you can understand exactly what you are going to deal with once you step out of your home.

The basic advantage of having an indoor outdoor thermometer is that you'll get to know the outdoor temperature without even stepping out. The outdoor temperature is transmitted to the indoor receiver, which then virtually provides you the data.

Features of Best Indoor Outdoor Thermometers

All the top rated devices share some common traits that make them superior to the rest of the products in the competition. Here are some of the common aspects that the best thermometers have;

  • High Precision Design: Most of them are designed very stylish and sleek. They are generally small in size and pretty much light.
  • Easy Use: The best devices are constructed with the easy user interface for user convenience. They come with easy to install features.
  • Affordable: Most of the top rated indoor outdoor thermometers are both affordable and made of high-quality materials at the same time. They are of best quality, reliable and profoundly durable.
  • Multi-function: Indoor outdoor thermometers are usually designed to provide indoor and outdoor temperature data. However, many devices come with other sensors and functions that also serve date and time, other weather data, etc.
  • Advanced Features: Best devices offer high performance and most accurate results. Many of them come with advanced features like digital design, PC connect feature, color display, multi-sensors and much more.

Top 10 Indoor Outdoor Thermometers

You'll find indoor outdoor thermometers with various design, function, and performance. Here is a list of the best 10 indoor outdoor thermometers that you could consider buying;

1. AcuRite 00611A3

This is a digital indoor outdoor thermometer. It allows you to plan your day confidently by providing you with the most accurate data right from your backyard. Along with thermometer it also features a humidity sensor. The display is designed either to stand as a tabletop or mounted on the wall. Its outdoor remote sensor features superior wireless technology, weather-proof construction and an integrated hanger for easy mounting. It provides temperature, humidity and all time high and low. With its high-quality construction, this device from AcuRite is guaranteed to last very long.

2. La Crosse Technology S88907

La Crosse Technology introduces the high precision color indoor outdoor thermometer that features animated color forecasts. It measures in and out temperature and humidity with daily high and low records. Also, it has a comfort level indicator that will help you achieve a healthy and comfortable living. All it has is an all-in-one easy-to-read color display with brightness adjustable feature, in which the data is automatically transmitted and displayed. It's one of the most convenient and advanced indoor outdoor temperature devices.

3. Ambient Weather WS-10

This is a fine and very easy to use the unit to get the accurate temperature data. The WS-10 features a console with indoor thermo-hygrometer sensors and three different remote sensors for measuring outdoor temperature and humidity, all of which are displayed at the same time. The best part about this unit is that the console can remotely connect and update up to 8 remote sensors at one time. The console also includes a visual and audible alarm that goes off when your pre-set temperature and humidity is exceeded. This is one of the most versatile devices available in the competition.

4. AcuRite 02007

This AcuRite 02007 wireless device will help you achieve your own personalized weather data and forecast right from the yard of your home. In order to generate the most accurate forecast available for your exact location, its Precision Forecasting technology combines the regional weather patterns of North America with the data measured by the sensor in your yard. AcuRite 02007 comes with a bold digital color LCD screen that has integrated sensors for indoor temperature and humidity.

Like all AcuRite devices, its outdoor remote sensor is featured with powerful wireless technology, high-quality weather-resistant construction and the integrated hanger for easy mounting. The whole unit has been designed ergonomic. You can plan any time of your day perfectly with this accurate device.

5. X-Sense AG-4S

This fine wireless thermometer is a high quality and accurate temperature sensor. It measures indoor and outdoor temperature and offers accuracy of +-1°C. The backlit LCD screen is clear and provides easy-to-read information. Its remote sensor features a very powerful wireless technology that allows you to achieve immediate updates of all the data transmitted by the outdoor remote sensor. Along with temperature alert, X-Sense AG-4S also has an ice alert feature, in which the ice alert icon flashes in the display alerting you about low temperature when the temperature goes below 3°C. This could be your ultimate thermometer if you reside in a location with the colder climate.

6. Ambient Weather WS-04-3 Tri-zone

Owning a thermometer that has three different indoor displays that can connect to a single outdoor remote sensor is a very good idea if you have weather freak siblings. Ambient Weather WS-04-3 tri-zone indoor outdoor thermometer is the ideal choice if you are looking for such type of device. This unit is simple and compact, with reliable features. You can even share the same device with your neighbor if they reside within the radius of 120 ft. Buying multiple thermometers can cost you double, so it’s the ultimate sharing and money saving option.

7. Oregon Scientific BAR208HGA

This indoor outdoor thermometer by Oregon scientific is stylish and reliable and provides detailed weather information. This device offers weather forecast with graphical icons, heat, the wind, storm, visual weather alert, fog and frost and a lot more. It features a large easy to read backlit LCD display, in which the measurements are clearly displayed. The console also shows date and time, which update automatically. Its outdoor remote sensor features a wireless technology, allowing a hassle-free mounting. With Oregon's latest device you can accurately plan your day and outfit. Its price is quite higher than other top rated units but its high-end design worth the rate.

8. La Crosse Technology 308-1414B

La Crosse Technology 308-1414B tells you the weather condition of your location right from your backyard. This atomic digital color weather device uses a wireless sensor to provide you the exact condition. Not only it tells you the temperature, but it also measures other weather trends like humidity, heat index, dew point and much more. You can monitor all these by just sitting comfortably indoors. It allows you to stop relying on guesswork by providing you with the most accurate data so that you can plan your day perfectly. Its exceptional features make it one of most reliable indoor outdoor thermometers.

9. Ambient Weather WS-04-WHITE

Stay updated to the temperature of your location with this compact ambient indoor outdoor wireless thermometer. All you need to install the outdoor sensor anywhere in the house with critical temperature, and then sit back and watch the console reflecting the most accurate data transmitted from the sensor. The display is profoundly simple and easy-to-read. With the wireless technology, you can carry the display anywhere in the range of 120 ft. It has the simplest design above all.

10. AcuRite 00782A2

This is the tiniest wireless thermometer available among the top rated ones. It comes with a small wireless outdoor remote sensor with an integrated hanger, and a bold display, which is large enough to provide you a clear display. If you have very little space on your table then this is the ultimate indoor outdoor thermometer for you. However, this unit is not a very good choice if you are looking for a device that offers other weather information. Undoubtedly it has quite a rugged construction and will last throughout the long run.


Having an outdoor indoor thermometer is the best way to know the temperature before you step outdoors. We all know that Smartphones can't be always accurate, so owning a device that lets us know the exact temperature is much better. These units are pretty cheap, so buying one for your home is not a big deal. They can be of big help when it comes to knowing the weather conditions so that you can plan your outing or dress accordingly. It's very important that you get the right one for yourself, as a wrong choice could make you regret for a lifetime.

In such a huge number of choices it's quite difficult to choose the best thermometer, but once you know what you need and which features you require, you will be able to choose like a pro. For better knowledge, you can also go through the reviews on various thermometers provided by other experienced users.