Davis Weather Station Review – High Quality and Expensive


Davis Weather Station

Davis has been the leader of weather instruments for 50 long years. In their early days they offered only 13 products, but now they are the manufacturer of hundreds of instruments. Davis provides simple solutions for everyday life problems. Hobbyists to small or large organizations, many depended on the products and services of Davis.

​They have devoted these 50 years in bringing up quality, innovation, and customer services. Davis is one of the most reputed weather station brands. Their weather stations are highly advanced, reliable and accurate. Davis weather stations are mostly preferred by those looking for high precision results. Their main motive is to develop high-quality products at reasonable price, which can provide a practical solution to real-life problems.

Key Features

You can connect to your weather whenever you require with Davis weather stations, which are of high quality and built to last. Weather stations manufactured by Davis are superior to other products. They are designed with unique and advanced features. Here are some of the key features;

1. High Transmission Distance

​Almost all the weather stations from Davis come with a transmission distance of 1000 feet or 300 m. There are very few in the competition that comes with such high transmission ability, which makes Davis weather stations superior and versatile among all.

2. Precise Accuracy

​Davis weather stations are profoundly accurate, and there is the least chance of misinterpretation in the data provided by them. The forecast provided by the instruments are mostly correct. You can always rely on their weather stations.

3. Easy to Install and Use

​All Davis weather stations come ready to mount out of the box. The manufacturer provides a mounting hardware with all its products. You may not even require professional help for installing the station.

The weather stations are designed with easy to use interface. Their displays are large and clear. Even beginners can use a Davis weather unit like a pro.

4. Quick Updates

When compared to other weather stations, Davis weather stations can update weather data twice as fast as the others. You get the real-time update in every 2.5 seconds. Faster and more frequent results offer better accuracy, which makes Davis weather stations the most reliable tools.

5. Exceptionally Durable

Davis weather stations are constructed rugged, and high-quality materials have been used. Most of the weather stations have features that enhance durabilities, such as radiation shield and built-in aspirated fan. Also, all the weather stations manufactured by Davis are weather-proof.

6. Reasonable Warranty and Excellent Customer Support

​Davis offers a 1-year limited warranty to all its weather stations to ensure the safety of the investment of their customers. In the one year period, if any technical damage is caused to the unit, then the company is responsible for the reparation.

Also, if the device is unable to keep up with your expectation, you can return the unit within 30 days after the purchase date, and get the complete refund.

Popular application

​Davis weather stations are used in many fields. They are used for agriculture, academic, and homes. There many advantages of using a Davis weather station in each field. Given below are some of the basic benefits;


Installing a weather station to your agricultural field can be very beneficial;

  • Extend weather monitoring to your entire agricultural ground to minimize crop-damaging risks and maximize harvest yields.
  • Monitor in-field evapotranspiration readings and use soil moisture probes to improve irrigation decision-making based on plant-water demand.
  • Measure pest risk levels by using detailed data collected by the weather station from your field and orchards, so that you can take possible preventive measures.
  • Observe wind condition before spraying, so that you can make appropriate decision to which part to concentrate more.
  • Prevent frost damage by monitoring frost event predictions, and make preparations in order to minimize crop damage.
  • Forecast harvest dates accurately by using growing degree days to ensure maximum harvest yields.Track chilling requirements during the period of crop dormancy.

Davis weather stations are also popularly used in academic fields;

  • Create a community and post weather data in the community so that parents can make the students dress for school and after school activities according to the weather, based on the real-time data.
  • Monitor playground safety by using weather data to determine the length of the period that the students can spend outdoors for recess. Be it hot or cold, knowing the weather can help the administrators to keep the students safe.
  • Expand the co-curriculum activities by making the students learn more about weather and do projects and write assignments.
  • Research weather by using the weather stations. Hundreds of universities use Davis weather stations for weather research purpose where the most accurate weather data are required for calculations.
  • Weather learning can help children learn their world through weather from preschool. Installing a Davis weather station at school can help students learn and understand faster.

By installing a Davis weather station at your home, you will stay updated on the weather. Weather matters the most at home, so you'll know the weather that has been transmitted right from your backyard;

  • Know your weather and plan or dress according to the liable conditions. Information provided by a Davis weather station will never mislead you.
  • For weather enthusiasts, Davis weather station is the best as you'll get the most accurate weather data. They provide you the real-time and local data that you need to predict, archive and share.
  • Upload your weather information via WeatherLinkIP so that your family, friends, and neighbors can also stay tuned to the weather report of the locality.
  • Prepare for severe weather by analyzing the past and current data. Whether rain storms, ice or prolonged flooding, you'll be able to prepare your home for the possible conditions and keep your family and pets safe.
  • Maintain home garden and lawn by adding a soil moisture station to your Davis weather station in order to water the plants wisely, and keep them healthy and blooming.

Recommended Weather Stations

Given below are three of the most recommended Davis weather stations;

  • It’s a wireless weather station.
  • Integrated sensors include temperature, wind and humidity sensors and self-emptying rain gauge.
  • It updates data in every 2.5 seconds.
  • Transmission distance of Vantage Vue is 1000 ft.
  • The weather station serves all weather data you need, which includes indoor and outdoor humidity and temperature, wind speed and direction, barometric pressure, dew point and rainfall.
  • The integrated sensor system is wireless and solar powered, which makes the installation of the system quite easy. You can install the outdoor sensor suite in minutes.
  • It’s designed sleek but constructed very tough and can withstand the harshest weather conditions.
  • The sensor system is designed for least visual impact and blends in with the surrounding.
  • It allows you to store the data in your computer for further analysis and share it online via WeatherLinkIP.
  • The vantage Vue transmitters are radio compatible with Vantage Pro2 and Vantage Pro2 plus, so you can mix the components of the weather stations. For example, you can use your Vantage Pro2 console with your Vantage Vue sensor suite.
  • This weather station doesn't provide weather forecast, so if you are looking for a weather forecasting device then this is not suitable for you.
  • Due to wireless construction, signals may be lost at times.
  • Its cost is much higher than weather stations of other brands, which have even better features.
  • Available in both wireless and cabled. It’s a customizable weather station.
  • Has integrated sensor system that consists of temperature and humidity sensors, rain gauge and detachable wind sensors.
  • Updates accurate weather data in every 2.5 seconds.
  • Wireless transmission from the integrated sensor to the console is up to 1000ft.
  • Vantage Pro2 is very rugged and flexible and offers reliable weather data in all circumstances. It offers various weather information including indoor and outdoor humidity and temperature, barometric pressure, wind speed and direction, dew point, rainfall and UV radiation.
  • The wireless Vantage Pro2 uses solar power transmitter with battery backup system to ensure transmission of the data.
  • It’s available in both wireless and cabled. Cabled is the most economical one. It’s ideal for areas with least lightning risks. However, wireless is the best for easy installation. Also, this version has additional sensor options. The wireless system reduces the risk of damage due to lightning.
  • Built-in aspirated fan and external radiation shield combine together to ensure accurate temperature transmission.
  • The self-emptying rain gauge has spiked over it to keep away birds and rodents. The gauge is made of aluminum, and is corrosion resistant and weatherproof, guaranteed to provide accurate rain data every time.
  • Offers 12-hour advanced forecast icons and allow you to plan your day most accurately.
  • Allows you to store the data to your computer and share it online.
  • The built-in aspirated fan might wear out with use overtime, more often.
  • Cabled weather station doesn't have the option for additional sensors.
  • Many buyers might consider the cost of Vantage Pro2 quite expensive.
  • Consists of full, integrated sensor suit that includes temperature, humidity, rain, wind and UV sensors.
  • Updates accurate weather information after every 2.5 seconds.
  • The line of sight between console and sensor system is 1000 ft.
  • The weather station is robust and can be customized to wireless or cabled according to your requirement.
  • The weather station is rugged and flexible. It provides all important weather data including indoor and outdoor humidity and temperature, barometric pressure, rain, wind, UV radiation, and evapotranspiration.
  • All the advantages of this Davis weather station similar to Vantage Pro 2. The only superior trait of Vantage Pro2 plus is that it has evapotranspiration feature that allows the user to understand the soil condition of their location. Due to this feature, Vantage Pro2 plus is the most popular weather device among farmers. It’s ideal for the agricultural purpose.
  • The aspirated fan may wear out with use in the long run.
  • Vantage Pro2 plus weather station may not be affordable for some buyers with the limited budget.

Davis is one of the top manufacturers of weather stations and they assure precise performance and accuracy. The weather stations are designed for individuals who are interested in real-time and accurate weather information for study purposes or other important applications like agriculture and gardening. Davis weather stations may be more expensive when compared to the others but, their superior performance and versatility is beyond comparison.