Davis Instruments Vantage Pro2 (Wireless) Review

The Vantage Pro2 Wireless weather station is a very reliable weather station with its versatile sensor configurations, easy-to-install design, and accuracy, which makes it one of the most popular weather stations available in the market. The integrated sensor suit of this weather station is combined into a complete package that includes temperature and humidity sensors, rain gauge and anemometer along with console that comes both cabled and wireless.


The Vantage Pro2 Wireless weather station comes with the console, mounting hardware and integrated sensor suit that consists of many sensor devices together in one unit. This weather station has various features;

Integrated sensor suit

  • This weather station comes with a wireless solar powered integrated sensor suit.
  • The whole unit consists of a temperature sensor, humidity sensor, rain gauge, anemometer with 12-meter long cable and solar panel.
  • For more accuracy, the temperature and humidity sensors are housed in a standard radiation shield, which protects the sensor from too much radiation and heat.
  • The unit is wireless, and the maximum transmission range is 1000 ft outdoors. Most of the time, due to the walls and obstruction, the line of sight ranges only 200 to 400 ft.
  • One can also add wireless repeaters with distance up to 2.7 kilometers.


  • The console is large with LCD screen display of dimensions 6 inches by 3.5 inches with easy-to-use keypad, along with a cabled and wireless option, depending on the purpose of the requirement.
  • The console displays date, time, sunset and sunrise time along with moon phases and various weather variables that include temperature, humidity, wind speed, barometric pressure, and rainfall. Other weather conditions like UV radiation, soil moisture, leaf wetness and much more can be viewed.
  • The forecast is calculated by taking the weather variables, which includes temperature, humidity, barometric readings, rainfall, wind speed, and direction.
  • The screen displays clear forecast icons of weather variables like sunny, cloudy, rain or snow and many more options are available, also allowing graphical analysis of the data. The forecast is updated after every 1 hour of the time interval.
  • The console provides a report of the different weather variables are updated very fast, in every 2.5 seconds.
  • It also has various alarm tone options that can be set to get alerts for impending weather calamities and disasters.
  • It comes with an optional weatherLink data logger and software of many versions that allows analysis and comparison of the data.
  • The console is powered by a power adapter, or it can also run on 3 C batteries.


The Vantage Pro2 wireless weather station is the first wireless weather station in its class to use frequency-hopping spread spectrum technology in transmitting data wirelessly. The unique features of sensing soil moisture and leaf wetness can be beneficial for farmers in getting knowledge about the soil condition if the soil is right for farming at that particular weather condition. The wireless humidity and temperature sensors enable the user to view both humidity and temperature up to eight different locations, which is very helpful in comparing and analyzing the weather conditions of various locations. This weather station is easy-to-install, as all the sensors come packed in a single unit.


This wireless weather station has some limitations too. As the unit is solar powered, this weather station is not recommended for areas where the weather is too much cloudy or rainy, because even if the solar energy is stored in the storage battery, the weather station won’t work if all the stored power gets used up. The signals might not be available during extreme weather conditions as the messages might be lost due to the wireless design. The soil moisture might not be same for large areas, and the data may sometimes not be that accurate. The cost of this weather station might not meet the budget estimation of some users, as this unit is quite expensive due to its high quality.


The Vantage Pro2 wireless weather station is one of the most high quality and reliable weather stations available on the market. Due to its convincingly amazing features, long durability and accuracy, it is one of the most useful weather stations. It is a perfect choice for farmers as well as individuals who regularly deal with the weather. This weather station might be a little pricey, but the high quality features worth the price.