AcuRite 01036 Pro Color review

Now confidently plan your day with the AcuRite 01036 Pro Color weather station. Get your customized weather conditions and forecast right from your backyard. This particular weather station from AcuRite along with an app uses a self-calibrating technology to provide you with the most accurate weather forecast. It comes with an integrated sensor array and a color console where you can virtually view the data.


The AcuRite 01036 Pro Color weather station has been specially designed for personal or home use. Its sensor suit needs to be installed in the backyard, and the console can either be set on a tabletop or mounted on the wall.

Connection and Transmission Distance

AcuRite 01036 Pro Color is a wireless weather station. Its sensor unit is wireless and non-patented. However, the digital display comes with a PC connect feature that needs to be joined by using a USB cable.

Transmission distance of AcuRite 01036 Pro Color is 330 ft. or 100 m, so the sensor unit must be placed in the radius of 330 ft. from the liable distance of the display. The construction materials of the home must also be considered.

Power Source

This weather device is designed to run on 4 AA lithium or alkaline batteries. The batteries are expected to last for maximum two years. Lithium batteries are highly recommended for areas with the temperature below -29°C. The 4.5v power adapter is supported for the console. It can run on 6 AA alkaline batteries for backup.

The sensor unit also comes with two solar panels that power the internal fan that keeps the thermometer at normal temperature to maximize its accuracy.

Data Offered

AcuRite 01036 Pro Color weather station has a 5-in-1 sensor unit that includes a thermometer, wind vane, anemometer, hygrometer and a rain collector with self-emptying technology. The illuminated console also has few integrated indoor sensors. Here is a list of the data offered by AcuRite 01036 Pro Color;

  • The self-calibrating forecasting pulls the data from the sensor and provides an accurate forecast of 12 to 24 hours.
  • Weather ticker streams real-time data and alerts.
  • Indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity data can be viewed with trend arrow.
  • Rain precipitation and rainfall history are measured in millimeters or inches.
  • Wind speed peak, current, or average is measured in MPH or KPH. Wind direction data is provided with 16 points rose.
  • Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly high and low records. Also, barometric pressure with trend arrow.
  • Date and time, and other weather variables including wind chill heat index, dew point and “feels like” data.
  • The readings can be displayed in either Bilingual English or French.
  • Customizable weather alarms for temperature, humidity, dew point, wind, rain, heat index and storm warnings.

Other Features

Update Frequency: The sensor of AcuRite 01036 Pro Color updates data quite fast. It updates wind speed in every 18 seconds, wind direction within 30 seconds and temperature and humidity after every 36 seconds.

Accuracy: Temperature accuracy is +/- 2°F. Humidity accuracy is +/-2% to +/- 5%, depending on the increasing relative humidity. The accuracy of wind speed is also +/- 2 mph to +/-5 mph, again depending on the rising wind speed. Rainfall accuracy is +/-0.05″ per inch.

Range: The range of temperature calculated is 0°C to 50°C for indoor sensor and -40° to 70°C for outdoor sensor. Humidity range is 16% to 98% and 1% to 99% relative humidity for indoor and outdoor sensor respectively. Wind speed range is 0 to 99 mph, and its rainfall capacity is 0.01 inches and more.

Cost and Warranty

AcuRite 01036 Pro Color is a very affordable weather device. If you are looking for a reliable and accurate home weather station in an average budget, then this is your ideal choice.

Your investment will be safe with this product as it comes with a 1-year limited warranty for buyer’s convenience. AcuRite believes in more than accurate, so, for any reason, if you aren’t 100% satisfied with the purchase, you can return the unit to 90% from the purchase date.


  • It’s a wireless unit so that the installation can be done smoothly and quick, without any professional help. It includes mounting hardware for easy installation.
  • It provides the weather forecast. There are only a few low-end weather stations with this feature.
  • Quite affordable and has all advanced features including PC connect, that allows the user to share their data and analysis with other weather enthusiasts.
  • It has a rugged and durable construction.


  • Although the internal fan in the sensor unit keeps the temperature accurate, it may wear out in the long run.
  • As the unit is wireless, signals or specific data might be lost at times.


AcuRite 01036 Pro Color is a perfect weather unit for those who are looking forward to buying a reliable and affordable unit and yet has all the features including forecasting.