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Rainmanweather Lora

The Irritrol CL-100 wireless weather system can transform the simple automatic irrigation system into a high-quality water-resource management center. It is compatible with Irritrol remote-ready and Toro controllers. this system consists of a weather sensor system that needs to be installed at the outdoors, a receiver module that can be linked directly with the compatible remote control port device and an SD card with a 10 years historical weather data of the local zone that can be accessed by providing the local zip code, which is transmitted to the module, which then alters the program of the controller to follow the weather. It is compatible with devices; Rain Dial-R Series, Rain Dial (Blue), Total Control-R Series, KwikDial Series, and MC-E Controllers.


The Irritrol CL-100 wireless weather system comes with a module receiver, a sensor unit and an SD card. These have many features;

Sensor unit

  • The sensor unit is wireless with maximum transmission ranging up to 1000 ft, which needs to be set up at the outdoors, mostly in the backyard.
  • It constantly measures the current air, humidity, temperature, solar radiation, and rain.
  • The temperature sensor has a shut-off technology, which shuts the system off when the weather is too cold.
  • The rain sensor can be adjusted according to the precipitation amount and can be set for automatic system shut off.
  • The solar radiation sensor monitors the radiation or sun exposure on a particular location.
  • The rainwater gutter hardware is made from solid stainless steel and is adjustable, which can be mounted vertically.
  • The whole sensor unit is enclosed inside a strong weather resistant enclosure, which makes it more durable.

Receiver module

  • The receiver module consists of an antenna for receiving data, an LCD screen with texts and graphics display, LED flash to indicate suspension of irrigation and hardcover, which is weather-resistant.
  • The dimension of the display of the receiver module is 2.5 inches by 1.25 inches, with multifunction keys that also allows the user to adjust the contrast of the LCD screen according to the purpose.
  • The module receiver is connected to the controller with a single plug-in chord with no requirement of dozens of wires for individual attachment.
  • The receiver converts the historical and current data from the weather sensor of the system to calculate and bring out the percentage of hottest month’s rainfall time and is applied.
  • An SD card can be installed in the module that has the historical weather data for ten long years, which can be accessed by providing the zip code of the particular location.


The best and unique part of the Irritrol CL-100 weather system is that a single weather sensor can communicate with multiple receivers, if interested one can share a single weather sensor with other neighbors or friends who reside nearby up to the maximum transmission range, which would be a wise decision in case one wants to save some bucks. The easy-to-install technology makes this weather sensor system very easy for the user to set up. As the sensor of this system is mostly focused on rainfall, this weather station is most helpful for people in the irrigation profession. the built-in radios make the installation of this wireless weather sensor system easy and less time consuming and less labor.


Like other weather sensor systems, this wireless weather station might also face the common problem of loss of signal and range due to interferences in the path of the signal. The signal of this weather station cannot pass through heavy metals. Some user might not be satisfied with the size of the LCD screen of the receiver module, as it is quite small in size. The SD card has the weather data and details of locations only in North America. One very notable limitation about the Irritrol CL-100 wireless weather station is that this weather station is focused mostly on rainfall data, so if one desires a weather station which focuses equally on other weather variables as well, then one can go for other wireless weather stations on the list.


This weather sensor system is an ideal choice for people dealing with rainfall and irrigation regularly in daily life. The strong hardware of the sensors provides long durability to this weather station. With satisfactory features and good affordable price, this weather station is a very good choice and one can take full advantage of the capabilities and features of this unit.