AcuRite Weather Stations Reviews

AcuRite Weather Station Reviews

AcuRite is one of the best weather station selling companies. AcuRite Company is owned by the Chaney Instrument Co., which have been manufacturing time temperatures and various weather products since the year 1943. With a simple quote “It’s more than accurate, it’s AcuRite” the AcuRite is the number one weather products selling the brand. AcuRite manufactures the top most quality and precise weather stations. Very recently they have launched internet-connected weather stations that can be interfaced with computers or various Smartphone with a simple application or software.

Key Features

Here are some of the critical features of the weather stations produced by AcuRite, which make them unique and better than the weather stations manufactured by other brands.

Easy to use and install

The first and foremost key feature of the weather stations designed and manufactured by AcuRite is that these weather stations are extremely easy to use. With large and comfortable control buttons and visible console display, even an inexperienced person can use the AcuRite weather station. The AcuRite weather stations are designed and arranged in a manner that the weather station can be installed quickly without consuming much time.

Understandable and comprehensive data

Unlike many weather stations, the AcuRite weather station provides essential and clear data very quickly. Even an entry-level user can understand the readings and data displayed on the display screen.

Accurate readings and forecast

The AcuRite weather stations are famous for their accurate data providing quality. The estimates and readings are always accurate with the AcuRite.

High quality with great durability

All the weather station equipment and units manufactured by the AcuRite are of precisely very high quality. AcuRite weather stations offer tremendously excellent durability with sturdy construction and weatherproof design.

Affordable cost

Weather stations from AcuRite are usually available at very affordable costs. One can enjoy all the fantastic features and trends of a high-quality weather station at a very less price, with the AcuRite weather station.

Types of AcuRite Weather Stations

AcuRite manufactures weather stations that usually fall into four categories according to the sensor and interface features. In this guide, we will briefly overview all the four basic classes and also some of the unique weather stations of AcuRite;

Basic AcuRite wireless weather stations

Basic AcuRite wireless weather stations are the simplest type of weather stations produced by AcuRite. All the basic weather stations contain a wireless weather sensor with a built-in temperature sensor and humidity sensor in a small wireless housing that can be hung outdoors at the backyard. The wireless indoor display console that comes with most of the AcuRite weather stations consists of sensors that measure indoor temperature, humidity and barometric pressure, allowing the user to track the accurate temperature, moisture, and strength to generate the most accurate weather forecast of the future climatic conditions at the particular location. This type of weather station provides only two types of outdoor weather data transmission, offering the user limited weather data access as it cannot afford data for rainfall or wind conditions.

Display features

    • Large or small screen, with colorful, grey or blue backlit, the consoles are available in various size, shape, and color, offering a wide range of options depending on the selected model.
    • 12 to 24 hour of an endless weather forecast.
    • Patented self-calibration feature that pulls the data accurately from the outdoor sensor.
    • Displays both indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity; time and date; barometric pressure with historical data.
    • It indicates the strength of the data signal of the outdoor sensor.
  • Tabletop or wall mounting options.

Sensor features

    • It measures outdoor temperature and humidity.
    • Maximum transmission range of up to 330 ft/ 100 meters.
    • Data transmission in every 16 seconds.
    • Extremely durable construction and it can stand any weather conditions.
  • Can be installed in seconds by an integrated hanger.

3-in-1 AcuRite weather stations

The 3-in-1 AcuRite weather stations are ubiquitous and straightforward home weather stations. The 3-in-one weather station consists of three sensors; thermometer, hygrometer, and anemometer in a single unit, with an easy-to-install design that transmits outdoor temperature, humidity, and wind speed respectively. The console also consists of three indoor sensors, which measure indoor temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure, allowing the user to generate the weather forecast of future weather conditions by tracking the different weather variables that include humidity, temperature, and barometric pressure. The 3-in-1 weather station is limited only up to temperature, humidity, and wind speed; it doesn’t provide rainfall and wind direction data.

Display features

    • The LCD comes in many shapes, size, and color with many different screens and backlit options of colorful, grey or blue, depending on the model type of the weather station.
    • Displays weather forecast for 12 to 24 hours endlessly.
    • With a patented self-calibration feature, the LCD pulls the data accurately from the sensor unit and displays the accurate forecast or readings.
    • Some advanced model weather stations come with even two consoles. Including indoor and outdoor temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, and wind speed, the console also provides data for high and low, heat index, wind chill, and due points.
    • Along with calendar and low signal indication, some advanced models also display the moon phase.
  • Tabletop or wall mounting options.

Sensor features

    • Measures three weather variables; temperature, humidity and wind speed.
    • Maximum transmission range of up to 300 ft/100 meters.
    • The season transmits data every 18 seconds.
    • Long durability with a strong construction that can bear the harshest weather conditions.
  • Comes with mounting hardware and very easy to install.

5-in-1 AcuRite weather stations

The 5-in-1 AcuRite weather stations are the most popular weather stations of the modern day. The 5-in-1 weather station consists of an easy to install sensor unit with five different sensors in a single unit, which includes a thermometer, hygrometer, anemometer, wind vane and a self-emptying rain gauge with tipping bucket technology. The indoor display console that comes along consists of indoor temperature and humidity sensors and a barometric pressure sensor, which helps in generating weather forecast of the future weather variables by tracking the temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, wind conditions and rainfall at the particular location. These AcuRite weather stations cannot be interfaced with PC as these are designed merely. For PC connect feature, one can go for the AcuRite PC connect to weather stations.

Display features

    • The console comes in different shapes, size and color depending on the model of the weather station, offering a wide range of selectable options.
    • Self-calibration patented features allow the console to pull accurate data from the sensor unit and it displays the forecast for 12 to 24 hours.
    • Weather ticker streams real-time data and alerts.
    • Displays various weather variables; temperature, humidity, rainfall, wind, heat index, dew point, and storm alerts. Some advanced models offer alarm features for different weather alerts.
    • Displays barometric pressure with historical data and all high and low records.
    • Shows date and time and also include moon phases.
    • Indicates the wireless signal strength
  • Tabletop or wall mounting options.

Sensor features

    • Measures five outdoor weather variables; humidity, temperature, rainfall, wind speed, and wind direction.
    • Maximum transmission range of up to 300 ft/ 100 meters and transmits data in every 18 to 36 seconds.
    • Automatic self-emptying rain gauge with tipping bucket technology.
    • Extreme durability with solid construction that can bear any weather conditions.
  • Easy-installation with mounting hardware.

PC connect AcuRite weather stations

PC connect technology a new way to access the weather data. The AcuRite weather station with PC connect feature usually includes 5-in-1 weather sensor that provides for the thermometer, hygrometer, anemometer, wind vane, and rain gauge. It also comes with a console that consists of three sensors, which measure temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure. The measurements are collected in the PC in a data file, which can be later streamed online by the user. The PC connects weather station can be operated in a wide range of modes; it can be used as a simple weather station with no connection to the personal computer or it can be used in PC connect method linked to various weather data websites. All the features of the PC connect weather station are the same as that of the 5-in-1 weather stations, but with the new PC connect feature.

The console that comes along with the weather station needs to be connected to the PC through an Ethernet cable and a weather sensor that should be positioned at the place from where the measurements are to be taken and monitored. Later the sensor wirelessly transmits the data to the console which is connected to the PC using a USB cable. The data can be accessed and used on a PC in three simple ways;

    • The data can be downloaded on the PC and saved in a data file.
    • The data can be viewed on the large PC screen as a weather widget.
  • Last but not least, the data can be logged and uploaded to the various weather websites.

The PC connects to weather stations are much more expensive than the other AcuRite weather stations.


There are some unique AcuRite weather station models that designed for specific purposes, like the sportsman’s and hunting & fishing meter with weather forecaster; AcuRite analog cherry wood weather station; AcuRite Weather Station with NOAA Weather Radio and Alarm Clock; all these weather stations fall in the basic wireless weather station category as those have simple two-sensor weather station unit.

AcuRite weather stations might have only four categories, but they offer unlimited models, all of which are unique and different from each other. One can select the weather station that best suits one’s requirements.

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  1. I am searching for an Accurate Weather Station that will provide me with the following.
    Indoor/outdoor tee and humidity
    wind direction and speed
    rainfall daily totals and historical data
    hurricane/tonado notification
    accesible via Iphone or computer
    Mulit-sensor capable
    Which model is my best option?


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