AcuRite 01512 Pro Weather Station Review

The AcuRite 01512 wireless weather station is a professional weather station that provides a pinpoint accurate weather forecast with its patented self-calibration technology. It has a colored screen console with several setting trends that make the weather station more attractive and interesting. The 5-in-one wireless technology of the sensor unit makes this weather station easy-to-install. It is one of the most reliable and easily affordable weather stations available. With this weather station, one can plan a perfect day outdoors as it provides an accurate weather forecast.


The AcuRite 01512 wireless weather system comes with a colored screen console and 5-in- one sensor array. The various elements of the console and sensor make this weather station one of the most accurate weather stations;

Sensor array

  • The sensor unit is wireless and has maximum transmission range up to 330 ft, and due to obstructions, mostly the maximum transmission range gets to 100 ft.
  • It consists of five different pieces of equipment in one unit, which includes a thermometer, hygrometer, wind vane, anemometer and rain gauge.
  • It measures outdoor temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, and rainfall.
  • The sensor unit transmits data in every 18 to 36 seconds of the time interval.
  • The rain gauge has a self-emptying tipping bucket technology.


  • The console has an illuminated color display which is convincingly large, with an automatic brightness dimming technology.
  • The console has three different settings of lighting. One can set the lighting manually or can set in auto-dim mode, in which the brightness will be updated according to the time of the day
  • The patented self-calibrating technology of the console allows it to pull the data from the outdoor sensor right from the backyard and provides weather data of the exact location of the user.
  • It displays the weather forecast for 12 to 24 hours constantly.
  • The weather ticker provides real-time data information and alerts.
  • The console displays various weather variables that include temperature, rainfall, humidity, wind speed, wind direction and also other weather variables like heat index, wind chill, dew point, and barometric pressure.
  • The console records the rain accumulation data of current day and overall time, by day, month or year. It also tracks rainfall of the current month and the last previous rainfall time.
  • The current wind speed, peak, and average wind speed are also displayed.
  • The temperature and humidity are updated in every 36 seconds, and the wind speed is updated in every 18 seconds and wind direction in every 30 seconds.
  • The date and time are constantly displayed and weekly, monthly, and yearly highs and lows are also recorded.
  • The console is designed in a way that it can be stood on a table or it can also be mounted on the wall. It also has a signal indicator that indicates the signal strength of the indicator.


The self-calibrating large, colored screen console itself makes this wireless weather station a unique one. The 5-in-one wireless outdoor sensor allows easy setup that saves a lot of time and labor. The tipping bucket technology of the rain gauge provides up-t- date data of rainfall. The colorful screen with many icons makes the console very attractive, and it looks terrific when mounted to the wall. The wireless sensor signal indicator enables the user to get a notification if the sensor is not transmitting any data, alerting the user from getting a wrong weather update.


The most important limitation of this weather station is that it doesn’t allow direct connection to the personal computer and it is not compatible with internet connectivity or sharing and posting of live data via the internet. Due to wireless technology, the weather station sensor might lose some signal transmission. Even though the tipping bucket technology provides fast and up-to-date rainfall update, but sometimes the accuracy is not guaranteed as some rain might be lost in the tipping process, which will not be counted, that directly hampers the accuracy.


The AcuRite 01512 wireless weather station is a high-quality weather station with great durability and reliability. The large and colorful display of the console is also compelling. This weather station is good for those who have to make regular outdoor plans, as this weather station is one most accurate weather forecasting unit, which gives the user great confidence in planning the day and it is available at a highly affordable price.

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  2. I OWN a 5 in 1 wireless weather station. It is a well engineered excellent unit, an to add very accurate. Job well done ACCURITE!
    The model display is model 01517. Just one question, will this unit display any lightning strikes or any thunderstorm activity in the area?

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