Weather Station Troubleshooting Tips

A weather station is not a single equipment, it is many equipments packed together to make one big unit.   A standard personal weather station consists of sensors assembled in one unit and a console that allows the user to virtually view the weather, in which the data is transmitted from the sensor unit. Due to so many assembled equipments and some technical reasons, the weather station might encounter many defaults. Most of the times, the defaults can be manually fixed by the user itself, by simply adjusting and correcting some settings. It is very important to have the weather station work properly because a minute default can hamper the accuracy of the complete data provided by the device. The user must have good knowledge of the problems that a weather station might encounter and one must also know how to fix those.

So here are some of the problems that are usually encountered by the weather stations and also the best solutions that can be applied;

Console defaults


  • Console display becomes blank

Sometimes even when the console is switched on, it may not display anything, and the screen becomes merely empty.

Cause: This might occur if the console is not being supplied adequate power, or the connections might be loose.

Solution: The power adapter connection must be appropriately checked, if the connection is loose, it must be tightened. If the console still displays blank, then the batteries need to be changed.

  • Console displays dashes

At times the screen of the console might not show the weather data, and instead it might show dashes, it is a very common problem that usually occurs.

Cause: This might be caused if the sensor suit is not able to transmit data.  It might also occur if the console is unable to receive the data or if any reading might have exceeded the data in the specification table due to calibration default.

Solution: The sensor unit must be checked thoroughly and one must adjust the unit properly. It must be made sure that sensor unit is not transmitting through metal or earth as these act as shields. Console must be kept on the range of transmission of the sensor unit and some time must be given for the console to receive the data. The calibration numbers must be adjusted if necessary.

  • Console is sluggish

The console becomes sluggish sometimes and is unable to display proper data.

Cause: This problem might occur if the temperature is too low, as the console doesn’t work if the minimum temperature is exceeded.

Solution: An external temperature sensor can be installed to check the temperatures regularly. If the weather is too cold, then one must install the console indoors.

  • Display locks

Many a times the display of the console gets locked up and doesn’t work even if the keys are pressed.

Cause: This problem might occur frequently due to the AC adapter of the console when it gets irregular power supply.

Solution: Whenever the display of the console automatically gets locked up, the console needs to be reset. The batteries and the AC power supply needs to be removed and then the power must be restored to make the console work normally again. To avoid this problem one can plug the AC adapter to a surge compressor.

  • Odd values are displayed

This problem mostly occurs mostly in weather stations that are compatible for computer or internet interface. The console might display odd values or might miss some values.

Cause: This default might be by the encountered if the console gets synchronized with other weather stations nearby.

Solution: In case the console is encountering this default, then the transmission and reception IDs must be changed for preventing further unnecessary synchronization.

  • Display contrast gets weak

It happens that the contrast and brightness of the console display becomes weak with the passing time.

Cause: The screen brightness and contrast might get weaker due to the decreasing power of the batteries in the console.

Solution: To make the console regain the brightness and contrast strength of the display, the batteries of the console must be changed. The new batteries will give it more contrast and brightness strength.

Temperature defaults

  • Too high outdoor temperature reading

In some cases the console shows too much high reading of the outdoor temperature even if the weather seems to be no that hot.

Cause: This might happen if there is any heat radiant material near the sensor suit or may be due to calibration default.

Solution: The location of the sensor suit must be checked properly, if there is any heat radiant source and the sensor suit must be relocated. The temperature sensor should be installed and adjusted properly. If necessary, the calibration numbers must be adjusted.

  • Too low outdoor temperature reading

Sometimes the outdoor temperature data is displayed too low even though the temperature is steady.

Cause: This default might be encountered if there is any problem in the calibration settings or in some cases the radiation shield of the outdoor temperature sensor may be hit by sprinklers.

Solution: the calibration must be checked and adjusted properly. If the radiation shield is the issue, then the outdoor sensor unit needs to be relocated.

  • Indoor temperature reading too high

It happens to be many times that the console display shows the reading of the indoor temperature too high even in normal room temperature.

Cause: It occurs if the extra indoor sensor suit is installed somewhere in which it gets direct contact with heat. If the indoor sensors are attached to the console itself and the backlight is on then the console may heat up and so will the indoor sensor unit.

Solution: The indoor sensor unit must be relocated if it is being exposed to sunlight. In case the indoor sensors are attached to the console itself then it should be kept away from sunlight and other heat source. The console must not be mounted to the wall with heating source nearby. The backlight of the console should not be kept on. The calibration numbers should be checked and if necessary, it must be adjusted.

  • Indoor temperature reading too low

The console might sometimes display too low indoor temperature reading even in normal temperature.

Cause: It might be encountered if the console or other temperature sensor is being installed on the wall near any cooling source or if the calibration number is not proper.

Solution: The console or other indoor temperature sensor should be relocated if in case it is placed near any cooling source like AC vent. The calibration numbers must be checked and adjusted properly if necessary.

Other defaults

  • Incorrect sunrise and sunset time

The console might sometimes display incorrect time of sunrise and sunset.

Cause: This usually occurs when the time settings are incorrect.

Solution: One must check and adjust the time zone, latitude, longitude, and daylight savings, as the sunrise and sunset time is calculated from those.

  • Wind direction data dashed

Sometimes the console is unable to display the data of wind direction and instead it shows dash sign.

Cause: If the weather station is wireless, this might be due to the signal transmission failure. If the unit is cabled, then it might be caused due to faulty cable. In some cases, the anemometer may also be the cause.

Solution: The sensor unit should be adjusted installed properly so that the console can receive the data. If the cable is faulty, then the cable must be replaced. In case the problem is with the anemometer, then professional help is recommended.

  • Inaccurate heat index reading

The console might display too high or too low reading of heat index.

Cause: This may occur due to calibration default or due to problems in temperature or humidity sensors.

Solution: Heat index is normally calculated from the temperature and humidity data, so the temperature and humidity sensors must be adjusted and corrected. One must make sure that both those sensors are working.  The calibration numbers should be checked and set if necessary.

  • Inaccurate wind chill reading

Sometimes the wind chill reading on the console display might be too high or too low.

Cause: The wind chill reading on the display might be too inaccurate sometimes due to improper calibration number settings or it might also occur if there is any problem with the temperature and wind speed sensors.

Solution: The temperature and wind speed sensors must be checked and adjusted properly as the wind chill is calculated from the temperature and wind speed. If necessary, the calibration must be adjusted.


Maintenance of the weather station is very important, here are some tips to make the weather station keep providing accurate data;

  • The weather station sensor suit must not be installed near metal or heat source.
  • Console should be always kept in the range of transmission of the sensor suit.
  • The calibration numbers should be checked routinely.
  • Batteries must be changed timely whenever necessary.

The weather station is a strong device with fragile settings, little mistake in the settings can turn the whole unit to provide inaccurate data, which could make it almost zero percent useful. One must always do all the settings appropriately so that it can give the most accurate weather reports and forecast.